The Biomechanics of Running

7/8 PE Track and Field Unit
2nd Semester

What is Biomechanics?
Biomechanics refers to the way our _______, ______, and _____ work together as we move.

Running vs. Walking
Running and walking gaits are not the same Walking has a ______ stride width Running has a _______ stride width Running has a _______ step and stride length

Walking Gait

The Running Cycle
There are three phases to the running cycle: _____—foot on ground _____—foot coming up or down _____—not touching the ground

Running Gait/Running Cycle

Foot Pronation and Supination
Pronation is when the heel strikes the ______ and the foot rolls _____. It is the normal motion of the foot when you _____ or _____. Supination is the _______ motion of pronation. The foot supinates, or rolls on its ______ ____, to help with stability as we walk or run.

Pronation and Supination
Picture of right foot: Moving __________ inward This is Overpronation Runners with _____ arches tend to overpronate Picture of right foot Moving _________ outward This is Oversupination Runners with _____ arches tend to oversupinate

Foot Strike
Distance running: Generally, _____first, then ____ push-off

Sprinting: Generally, on ____ of foot, then ____ push-off

Check your Form, Part One
_____ up—look straight ahead Run tall—don’t _______ Arms should be at a _____________ Hands should stay ________—cup your hands (thumb to forefinger) (Pictured above is Kelsey Santisteban from CVHS)

Check your Form, Part Two
Swing your legs _________—knees should not come above their natural swing

Do not overpronate or oversupinate your ______
Don’t _________ (don’t reach for the next stride)

Check your Form, Part Three
RELAX! Staying relaxed means keeping your ____, ____, and ____ loose while you run

What did you learn from this?
Please write something that you didn’t know before, on your handout: _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________

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