Time Management Jesus‟ Style

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Transforming insights Practical principles Hands-on tools for maximizing your life

Jesus is our pattern for life management.

We rarely study His life and teaching to learn about the practical issues of life like. . .
• Leadership training • Prayer • Time management.


Even secular books are now exploring Jesus‟ leadership genius.

n His example and teaching on time management are: • Practical • Freeing • Transforming .Jesus is our pattern for life management.

evangelism. leadership training. You must know who you are and what your mission is. n n n n Put first things first—prayer. It is possible for you to accomplish everything God wants you to! (John 17:4) Do you genuinely believe this? Time management is not easy but it is possible! (Mark 6:30-34) .Several key principles from Jesus‟ life.

Come to me. all you who are weary and burdened. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. for I am gentle and humble in heart. and you will find rest for your souls. -Jesus (Matthew 11:27-30) . and I will give you rest.

. We are surrounded by a cacophony of voices and an impossible number of needs. .“Come to Me. .” n n n The root source of burnout is almost always a lack of prayer. In the presence of Jesus we receive rest. responding to them will always lead to burnout.

Receiving His empowering. (Mark 1:35-38) Accepting our own limitations. (John 7:3739) Discerning His call on your life with clarity and focus.There is rest in: n n n n n Discovering the presence and reality of the Father. . (Matthew 11:27) Realizing our identity in Him.

. your life is thoroughly based on prayer? Why or why not? What internal obstacles (factors inside you) have held you back from living a life of prayer? What external obstacles? Share your answers with the person next to you and take time to pray and minister to each other.TIME FOR YOUR CHECK UP n n n Would you say that at this point in time.

. • God calls us to repentance but he does not want to change some of the special ways that he has made and gifted you. Understand how he has made and gifted you. His yoke fits you.“Take my yoke upon you. If your yoke is hard and heavy it is not from Jesus. wear it.” n n If the yoke fits.

Discerning His Yoke n n What were 3 ministry situations in your life where you had a blast & God used you in a tremendous way? What are some of the characteristics about those situations that allowed you to function so effectively? .

Discerning His Yoke n n What are 2 ministry situations that were very frustrating and where your gifts did not fit properly? What do these experiences tell you about what kind of situation best fits your gifts? .

where learning 15% of the time. where weakest 5% of the time. .Discerning His Yoke n n How can you arrange your life and current ministry situation so that it fits the way God has made you? You should work were you are strongest 80% of the time.

Cooperate with the seasons in your life. ten and twenty years into the future. Project your personal life and ministry five. . n n n Write down your age today and the ages of your spouse and any children. Briefly describe your present ministry situation.

n n How would you describe the season you are presently in.Cooperate with the seasons in your life. What does God want your priorities to be in this season? .

Cooperate with the rhythms in your life. n n n What time of the day is „up‟ time for you? What time of the day is „down‟ time for you? What does this say about how you should schedule your daily activity? .

” Jesus taught that the Sabbath was to be seen as a freeing gift not a burden. rest. (Mark 2:27) . desist.Keep a regular Sabbath! n n n Even God took a break! tbbv (Sabbath) from tbv meaning “to stop. cease.

what strongholds in your life keep you from doing so? How is God calling you to repent? .tbv (Stop!) n n n n Do you consistently take a Sabbath to rest and reflect? If so. how can it be improved? If not.

” n In a section of your journal write down what God is teaching you about life management. n Write down things that God is teaching you through dreams. • Record things that your learned from what went right and what went wrong in the day. .“Learn from me.

. Share these goals with those they effect to get their encouragement. counsel. Break them down into workable steps. cooperation and accountability.Set goals for key areas in 3 month increments. n n n Make these clear & measurable.

almost never ministry alone. .Like Jesus overlap you life. eating and ministering). • Like Jesus. individualistic American ministry model. Break the dysfunctional. n n Pray and let God give you fantastic time management insights. n Use lull times strategically. • Involve people at many points in your life (traveling.

Focus on doing the 20% with excellence.Respect the Paretto (80/20) principle. n n n 80% of your impact comes from 20% of your effort. Do what you have to on the 80% in a less than adequate way. .

Other Principles from Jesus n n n n Stay very focused to the point of rudeness. 9:30-31) Recognize opportunities for ministry in the midst of interruptions. . (Mark 1:43-44. but never hurried. (Mark 5:2143) Jesus was focused. (Mark 7:24-27) Minimize interruptions.

Tools for time management n n Time Log Weekly Priority Planner .

The Time Log n Photocopy the attached form and keep a time log for two weeks. After ten days total it and look for patterns. . • Prepare to be Shocked! n n n Write down everything. Note each shift of focus such as interruptions and phone calls.

it was not a typical ten days! No ten days are! It is very untypical to have a typical day.The Time Log n n n Of course. . Alter your schedule to make this a reality as much as possible. Write down an ideal day.

Enter activities to fulfill these goals before you fill in the other time slots in your week. Put down weekly goals for each role.The Weekly Priority Planner n n n Write down your roles. .