The “jaguar” we are tackling right now.

“Policies Procedures Processes”

Policies. Processes S Many similarities exist between these three terms. Procedures. .

COO Subject: New Procedure for Handling Sensitive Mail when received . HR.” From: CEO Sent: Thursday. October 11.Policy S A good example of a Policy is: “A new policy for handling sensitive mail. Accts payable.. 2007 2:11 PM To: Acct.

When the mail is sorted a determination is made regarding what to do with each piece of mail. . When the mail is delivered it is sorted.Process S A good example of a Process is: The mail gets delivered every day.

I am the “Registered Service Agent” for the Company.Procedure S A good example of a Procedure is: 1. It doesn’t matter whether these items are addressed to me or not. please give it to Ellen. and Ellen please let me know about it as soon as possible. If I am not here for some reason. 2. The same would hold true for ANYTHING that is delivered by a courier that appeals to have legal implications. but many times people don’t look up on the state records who the RSA is for a company before sending legal documents. 3. a served subpoena. If ANYTHING comes in certified mail to Company. or other government type action. I want to see it first. . 4. The same applies to anything from an attorney’s office.

.For our purposes S We are interested in both processes & procedures. S A procedure is a particular way of doing something. S A process is a way of doing something.

Next step S We have created a folder on the N:drive titled. . S Please begin populating your department’s folder by “copying” into it the processes you already have written either on the N:drive or on your personal workstation. “Processes” S Within this folder are subfolders for each department or “area” as identified by the Company.

. put it in there and let us worry about doing the sorting.Your “labels” S Lists S Procedures or processes S Guidelines S How to’s S Steps We are interested in seeing all of these. If in doubt.

the “manual” . i.Documentation of Relationships Policy The “laws” or “regulations” that govern or constrain operations Standards The “operational definitions” or “acceptance criteria” for products Constrain the processes Processes Describes “what happens” within the organization to build products that conform to the standards in accordance with the policies of the organization are implemented by Procedures Describes “how to” or step-by-step instructions that implement the process are supported by Training Knowledge and skills required to use a procedure Tools Support needed to implement the procedures.e.

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