1st Stage Report Prepared By: K-Economy Division, Chief Minister Department Melaka



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Women’s participation in nation is undoubtedly admitted by all nowadays. Women today are more matured, self confident, competitive, determinant, wiser, bold, stronger and energetic. They started conquering the world and aggressively making their move . More and more women are holding higher positions in many institution nationally and even internationally. Despite, they also actively involve in politics and social services. Nevertheless, family always comes as their main priority. Many professional women have proved that they really can balance their time between family and career . Similarly, Women from Melaka achieved recognition nationally and internationally. Their fame in international

The Objective of this research is to gather all related info of successful woman. Those women has either hailed from Melaka or has contributed to Melaka. The chosen women this research are from different field and background. In order to complete this research ,the following methods have been utilized: • Internet Surfing: We have surfed the internet and has got the list of some interesting data regarding famous and successful person. From There, we found their background and have used them for our research appropriately. Discussion With People: Initially, We have communicated with many people especially our family members, colleagues and friends. Our working colleagues did give us a lot of constructive ideas and suggestions upon the


TOP 10 WOMEN OF MELAKA Dato’ Khaty Ibrahim
•Singer •Actor •Restaurant Owner •Datukship From Pahang •Born In Jasin, Melaka

TOP 10 WOMEN OF MELAKA Ziana Zain Singer Model Omega Watch Brand

From Merlimau

TOP 10 WOMEN OF MELAKA FASc, Prof. Dr MSc.(Indiana) Halimaton MSc.(Marshall) Hamdan , PhD.(Cantebur y) Professor of Physical

TOP 10 WOMEN OF MELAKA Chef Florence Tan One of the leading Chef in Malaysia.

Malaysian Ambassador of Melaka Nyonya

TOP 10 WOMEN OF MELAKA Holds the SAC Zaleha distinction Abdul of Rahman being the 1st Woman Police Officer to be appointed Deputy Police Chief of Malacca. Holding this

TOP 10 WOMEN OF MELAKA Shirley Geok Lin She is a American writer Lim poetry, of
fiction, and criticism Born In Melaka. Shirley is a professor in the English Department at the University of

TOP 10 WOMEN OF MELAKA YB Norpipah Bte Abdol Chairman of The Women’s Affair, Family & Health Development Committee

TOP 10 WOMEN OF MELAKA Datuk Hjh. Hazizah Bte Hj. Mohd Sultan Chief Wanita UMNO Of Melaka State Actively involve in improving social

TOP 10 WOMEN OF MELAKA Datuk Atikah Adom Malaysia’s Leading Motivational expert. Recipient of Datukship Honours From Melaka State

TOP 10 WOMEN OF MELAKA Datuk Anne Teo Managing Director Of Seni Jaya Corporation Berhad Recipient of Datukship Award

• The Malaysian Women’s Weekly November 2008 • The Malaysian Women’s Weekly December 2008 • Malacca Yang Dipertua Negeri 70th birthday honour list • Recipe Book: Secret Of Nyonya Cooking • Poem: Monsoon History (included in form 5 literature syllabus). • The finalist list of “Most Inspiring Woman Year 2008” Award. • Lourdes Charles: Top woman cop excited about new post, published 22 April 2006,The Star.

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