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Consulting & Performance Counselling

Performance counselling
Higher productivity is key to success in any organization specially in business ones.This requires achieving higher performance by employees. Performance counselling is the process of improving employees performance and productivity by providing employee with feedback regarding areas where he is doing well and areas that may require improvement.

The basic purpose of performance counselling is to improve the performance of employees or to maintain already existing desirable level of performance. This is achieved thruappraisal i.e. observation and evaluation of the employees performance and communicating the same to the employee. The objective of performance appraisal is to determine accurately the extent to which the emplyee executes the tasks in comparision to the standard of proficiency set.

The process of counselling:

Preparation Schedule the counseling session and notify the employee; suggest the employee write down or be ready to discuss expectations and requirements. Get a copy of the employees job description and appropriate counseling checklist & blank evaluation form. Think about how each outcome or critical element of the performance plan supports the mission/objectives of the organization. Decide what you consider necessary for success in each outcome or critical element. Be specific Make notes to help you with counseling.

During The Counseling Session Discuss mission/objectives of organization and how his/her performance contributes to success of organization. Discuss items that require top priority effort (areas of special emphasis)realizing this may change later. Discuss what tasks and level of performance you expect for success. Review employees written input if he/she provides it Discuss competencies needed to perform duties. Ask employee for ideas about what how he/she might perform assigned duties.

If you and the employee have different views, discuss them until you both are clear on requirements. Even if the employee disagrees, he/she must understand what you expect. Emphasize the employees positive strengths. Give examples of what excellence performance is to give the employee specifics to aim for. Ask the employee about career goals and training needs.

After Counseling Summarize key points of the counseling on relevant form Give the employee the form to review/initial. If the employee gave written input, attach it. Give the employee a copy and keep the original to use for the next counseling session.

Consulting requirement in performance counselling:

The role of the consultant is very important here as he helps the client to realize that performance appraisal should be concerned with the actual performance rating. On the basis of appraisal conducted,the consultant can counsel the employees as to what they should do to improve their performance to the desired level , and if required, suggest for or conduct necessary training programmes. In the present context many firms are seeking the assistance of external consultant for performance counselling.The trend is sure to continue in future.