Type Founded Public company 1903


William S. Harley Arthur Davidson Walter Davidson William A. Davidson
Milwaukee, Wisconsin U.S. Keith E. Wendell, CEO Motorcycles

Headquarters Key people Products

Revenue Net income

US$5.31 billion (2011) US$599.1 million (2011)


1 million (2011) . Wandell. CEO Motorcycles US$5. Davidson Milwaukee. Harley Arthur Davidson Walter Davidson William A.S. Keith E. Wisconsin U.31 billion (2011) US$599.Type Founded Founder(s) Headquarters Key people Products Revenue Net income Public company 1903 William S.

VISION: HD believes. . the key to success is to balance stakeholders’ interests through the empowerment of all employees to focus on value added activities.

To be branded as the best motorcycle available in the world ” .MISSION:“Constantly renewing ourselves and offer our customers the best motorcycle experience without compromising the quality.



Since early 2011. Harley-Davidson has been assembling motorcycles in India at its CKD (Completely-Knocked-Down) assembly unit at Bawal in Haryana. the Company has nine authorized dealerships in India. • • India is the second country where Harley-Davidson has CKD assembly operations outside the US. . • • All the existing Harley-Davidson showrooms are in line with the global standards and together they form an important hub to showcase the legendary culture and lifestyle of the brand and engage with the customers and Harley enthusiasts across the country. At present.• Harley-Davidson India commenced operations in August 2009 and appointed the first dealership in July 2010. after Brazil.

• Emission Norms. • Promotion. • Servicing • Competition from other firms .Issues in the case • High import duties. • Sales.


This will result in substantial reduction of prices for the high end models. . Introducing more models under the ckd assembly will bring down the prices of more models .India which are imported as ckd’s.High Import Duties Import policies in India require the imported bikes to pay a customs duty of 60% and tax of 30%. Currently Harley assembles 3 of its entry level bikes in Bawal. Where as with the ckd(Completely Knocked Down units) the customs duty is levied at 30%. Rewari district of Haryana.


The company needs to create a cult image towards the brand and promote the outlaw biker image among the youth such that they can associate with the bike.Sales Sales are done through dealerships in India and hopes to promote the bike as a luxury product .883 roadster and Forty eight among the professional youth . Although the bike is priced at a premium level promoting it in the form of a life style product would be much more beneficial to the company. It should not only concentrate on the rich and affluent millionaires but also the youth in India who have a large amount of disposable income at hand thanks to the IT boom . iron 883 . It needs to promote the entry level bikes such as Super low.


Promotion of this group will rouse interest in potential customers who crave for a sense of belonging and identity . The HOG develops a sense of belonging among the members which is usually wanted by all individuals. This can be doe by promotional events such as rock concerts that can be held at various metros with native band which are slowly becoming prominent in the nation These events which are widely famous in the us should be introduced in India also HOG the Harley owners group is another such initiative which can hugely promote the brand in India.Promotional activities Advertising the cult outlaw image that the bike carries among the youth.


Customers should be made a part of the production process by allowing customization such that the customer himself will be able to repair the bikes in case of mechanical problems.These service stations will be able to service any high end bikes . Another novel idea would be promoting of high end service stations with collaborations of other super bike makers . . Customers find it usually hard to find the mechanics usually the ones in cities who find it hard to get their bikes serviced by dealers in metros. Improving the dealerships and penetration into all major cities should be carried out.Servicing Servicing and spares availability is another issue faced by the company in India.


Competition from other firms With the relaxing of emission standards post Bharath III induction lot of foreign super bike makers have entered India. Promoting the product as a life style offering as none others have the cruiser style can be done to avoid this situation. These bikes are usually being priced lower than the Harley price range and this is eating into the share of the company. . Promoting the bike as the ultimate in cruiser style bikes not just any another super bike will be a solution for this problem.


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