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SAP BASIS Introductory Training Program

DAY 1 – Introduction to SAP & Netweaver Architecture 7.0


11:00 AM Introduction to SAP Netweaver 11:00 AM .11:15 AM Break 11:15 AM .01:00 PM SAP Architecture Fundamentals 01:00 PM .10:15 AM Overview of SAP Products and Components 10:15 AM .03:30 PM AS ABAP Processes 03:30 PM .06:00 PM Exercise & Break Out Session 30 May 2013 .03:45 PM Break 03:40 PM .Day 1 : Agenda 09:00 AM .02:00 PM Lunch Break 02:00 PM .05:00 PM AS ABAP Processes (Continued) 05:00 PM .

Overview of SAP Products & Components 30 May 2013 .

SAP AG – An Overview • • • • World’s Leading Provider of Business Management Software Established in 1972. Germany 82000 Customers run SAP in 120 countries Addressing business needs of organizations ranging from Fortune 500 Global Organizations to Small & Medium businesses • Solution offerings for more than 25 diverse industries Media Courtesy : SAP-TV AG 30 May 2013 . Headquarters in Walldorf .

Mining etc . 30 May 2013 . Process Integration with other enterprise components (PI 7.0 Platform provide the computing environment for managing the core ECC applications using the Web Application Server 7.0) • SAP Cross-Application Business suite components . Retail . such as Utilities . Data Management (MDM 5.5) and People Integration and Collaboration (EP 7.0). Applications and Products for Data Processing • SAP’s ECC 6.0) . Oil & Gas . Logistics and Human Resources • SAP’s Netweaver 7.0 Platforms power Business Analytics and Reporting (BI 7.0 (WAS 7.Overview • SAP is an acronym for Systems .0 • SAP provides a wide ranging set of solutions for specific Industries . Aerospace .SAP Components and Solutions . SRM . SCM are built on the core business functions provided in ECC 6.0 (Enterprise Core Components) provide the core solutions for running enterprise business processes in Financials. such as CRM . known as SAP Industry Solutions. The server can power business application programming in ABAP as well in JAVA • SAP’s Netweaver 7.0) .

1 SAP ERP 6.5 Process Integration – ERP to ERP .0) Computing Engines – Web Application Servers Web Application Server 7.0 Process Integration 7. Master Data Management Composites Development – SOA Enablement Application Platform – Core Business Functions Composition Environment 7.0 JAVA 30 May 2013 .0 Business Intelligence 7.0 Enterprise Portal 7.0 Master Data Management 5.0 ABAP Web Application Server 7.SAP Components & Solutions : Positioning People Integration & Collaboration SAP NETWEAVER 7. ERP to NonERP Integration Information Integration Business Analytics & Reporting .0 SAP Enterprise Core Components (ECC 6.

5 Composition Environment 7.0 Enterprise Portal 7.Aerospace etc SAP NETWEAVER 7.0 Business Suite Solutions CRM 2007 SRM 2007 SCM 2007 SEM 2007 GTS Master Data Management 5.0 SAP Enterprise Core Components (ECC 6.Oil & Gas.Utilities.0 JAVA 30 May 2013 .0) Web Application Server 7.0 Business Intelligence 7.SAP Components – One View SAP Industry Solutions Retail.0 Process Integration 7.1 Technology Components & xApps Composites Solution Manager SAP Kernel Composites SAPGUI SAP ITS Plug-Ins SAP ERP 6.0 ABAP Web Application Server 7.

SAP Offerings based on Company Size Solution for Small Businesses • Less than 100 Employees • Less than 30 Users • Basic functions pre-configured SAP Business One SAP Business By Design Solution for Medium Businesses • Between 100 and 500 Employees • On demand solution catering to niche process areas Solution for Medium Businesses • Strong Industry-specific focus • Stable core business processes • Preconfigured solutions Large & Very Large Enterprises • Complete spectrum of business solutions • Adaptable components to address business process complexities • For over 500 employees SAP Business All-in-One SAP Business Suite Functionality/Industry Support/Adaptability 30 May 2013 .

0 . ECC 5.30.0 • The older release .7 .1i to 4. This is starting from R/3 3. was called SAP Enterprise 4.1i to 4.6c.All such releases were based purely on ABAP engines 30 May 2013 .0 was called mySAP ERP 2004 and was based on WAS 6. • The SAP Application . based on WAS 6. The JAVA Engine made its first appearance in this release. and this is based on WAS 7.40 • The predecessor to ECC 5.0 was earlier called mySAP ERP 2005 .20 and 6. • Earlier SAP releases were called R/3. This was the first time SAP BASIS kernel came to be referred to as WAS.6D.Evolution of SAP Releases • SAP releases come in two flavours – An application flavour and basis(was) flavour. The underlying BASIS kernel was versioned from 3. otherwise called ECC 6.

Who are BASIS consultants ? • SAP consultants who design. network management and database administration. What are the pre-requisites for starting a career in SAP BASIS ? • Basic knowledge of operating system administration. build and manage the SAP environment are termed as BASIS consultants. They are part of a larger organization which may run a landscape consisting of several SAP and Non-SAP applications.SAP BASIS Overview What is SAP BASIS ? • The term “BASIS” is a reference to the underlying technical architecture of an SAP application. What is the scope of BASIS consultants in an IT organization ? • SAP consultants possess the skills required to administer and configure SAP specific settings in an IT landscape. 30 May 2013 . The term encompasses the server infrastructure . software and the server processes that run the SAP application. They are the SAP Technical architects in the IT organization.