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Internet Email

Ms. Manori Yapa Instructor (Computer Technology) Technical College - Ratmalana

Image of the Internet

History in brief
 Internet was “born” in the late 1969s  Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) or the US Department of Defense linked together mainframe computers to form a communications network.  Create a communication system that could survive a nuclear attack or natural disaster  Provide communication links to its users in remote locations  Early version of the internet was known as ARPANet.

Who controls the Internet?

No one — it is a public, cooperative, and independent network Several organizations set standards
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World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
 Oversees research, sets standards and guidelines  Mission is to contribute to the growth of the Web  Nearly 400 organizations around the world are members of the W3C
The World Wide Web (WWW) began as a project at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), where Tim Berners-Lee developed a vision of the World Wide Web. Tim Berners-Lee - the inventor of the World Wide Web – is now the Director of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Requirements for Internet • Computer with network compatibility • Web browser • An account with ISP (Internet Service Provider) • A telephone line • A modem connect to computer & the telephone line Internet Dongle .

Google talk • World Wide Web (WWW) . sports.creating and sending audio. Bulleting Board discussion forums) • Chat Rooms • Streaming audio and video.Internet Services • E-Mail • File transfers – (FTP) • Instant messaging (IM) • Newsgroups (Online. business) • Internet telephony . Use your computer like a telephone Software connects computers via the Internet and transmits voice data Ex: Skype. video files(news. education.Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Yahoo Messenger.

sound and other multimedia in a single interface.WWW The World Wide Web is comprised of millions of different web sites. a researcher for CERN. Created by Tim Berners Lee. video. in 1989 . images. called a URL and it presents text. animation. all of which are identified by a unique address.

Chat Rooms .

Internet Telephony .

Video Streaming .

Audio Streaming .

Video Conferencing .

E-Newspapers .

E-Channelling .

Online Games .

Online Shopping .


a set of standards for transmitting and receiving digital data • FTP – (File Transfer Protocol). used to transfer file over the Internet • HTTP – (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol).What is Protocols? – Is an agreed upon format for transmitting data between two or more devices – A set of formal rules for transmitting data Ex: • TCP/IP – (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol). ( • HTTPS – (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure). .google. the primary technology protocol on the Web that allows linking and browsing. makes transferring of confidential information more secure.

Wireless(WiFi. airports. Bluetooth. coffee shops. Ex: universities. hotels and libraries. – some public buildings provide wireless access. WiMAX. .Contd… 3. Schools. Infrared) – connections allow to be more mobile.

 hotel /air tickets reservations  E-channeling Buy & sell goods & services • Disadvantages  Theft of Personal information  Spamming . software. films & songs  Read newspapers  Chartrooms Services  online banking  job seeking  purchasing tickets for your favorite movies. Faster communication Email Entertainment  Listen to music  Watch TV  Download games.There are thousands of pornographic sites on the Internet that can be easily found and can be a detrimental factor to letting children use the Internet  .Advantages & Disadvantages of Internet • Advantages     Can search any kind of information on any topic under the sun is available on the Internet.sending unwanted e-mails in bulk   Virus threat  Pornography .

including sound and video. which means that they can display graphics as well as text. most modern browsers can present multimedia information. These are graphical browsers. though they require plug-ins for some formats. In addition. Ex: Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Netscape Navigator Thunderbird Opera Safari .Web Browser A software application used to locate and display Web pages.

Steps: 1.Add Bookmarks/Favorites If you find a site and you liked it so much & you wanted to keep going back? You can bookmark it. Find a Web page you want to save 2. so next time all you have to do is choose it from a menu. Open the Bookmarks menu 3. Click “Bookmark this page” in Firefox or ‘Add to Favorites” in Internet Explorer. . which means that you save it.

google.Set Homepage in web browser The main page. . We can change this home page to other web site we like. type the URL of the web page you want to be your home page. the home page serves as an index or table of contents to other documents stored at the site. (ex. Typically. Steps: • Open Web Browser • Click the Tools menu and Options • Under General and Home Page.www. • The next time you open your browser it should open the page you • Click Ok. loaded to the web browser called “home page”.

All of this information is called your history. However. if you are using a public computer or share a computer with someone. files you've downloaded and more. go over to the History menu and select Clear Recent History . Step : At the top of the Firefox window.History Settings As you browse the web. you may not want others to be able to see these kinds of things. Firefox helpfully remembers lots of information for you – sites you've visited. click the Firefox button.

and display new file types. • For example.Plugins / Add-ons • In computing. Examples for plugins: – – – – – Adobe Flash Player QuickTime Java Applets Adobe Reader Media Players . a plug-in (sometime called add-ons) is a set of software components that adds specific abilities to a larger software application. scan for viruses. plug-ins enable customizing the functionality of an application. If supported. plug-ins are commonly used in web browsers to play video.

php • Protocol Name : HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) • Host Computer/web server Name : WWW • Domain Name : srizone • Domain Type : net • Path : music/audio/ • File Name : index.URL Each web page has a unique address. called a Uniform Resource Locator is the exact address for a particular Web page. The parts of the URL can give you clues about where a page is located and what type of company or person owns music/audio/index.php . Ex: http://www.srizone.

au – Australia . • .lk – Sri Lanka .in – India .Common Top-Level Domain Types The suffix of a Web site that identifies the type of content the Web site contains or what kind of organization the site is – government agencies • .mil – US military organizations • .com – Commercial and for profit organizations or network providers • .uk – united kindom .org – Nonprofit organizations • • • • .edu – Colleges/Universities or educational institutions • .net – service providers • .

 Ex:        www.Search Engines  Program used to find Web sites and Web pages by entering words or phrases called text/ all the web links listed. We can use logical operators such According to the www. AND/OR/NOT to search www.

vise versa . called pages or web pages. Normally a web site contains a home page along with other additional web pages. Web page is an electronic document written in a computer language called HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language).The first page that a Web site displays . Ex: www. Often provides connections to other Web published by an organization or individual. Depending upon connection speed. which contains information and links to resources throughout the Internet. • Home page . downloading can take from a few seconds to several minutes • Uploading . • Web Page – The World Wide Web consists of file.Connection to a next Page or Forward Backward Buttons • Downloading .Related words used in Internet • Web Site – A web site is a set of related web pages like • Hyperlink .The process of a computer receiving information from remote computer to our computer.

eBusiness (e-Business).  E-Education .  E-Signature . An electronic signature is any legally recognized electronic means that indicates that a person adopts the contents of an electronic message. This would include the buying and selling of goods and services. Exams are also in online. commonly known as e-commerce or eCommerce.  E-Business . It may be an electronic transmission of the document which contains the signature. . lectures are handling through online and also students can download all the course materials from the Internet. consists of the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks.Electronic commerce. as in the case of facsimile transmissions.Contd…  E-Commerce . along with providing technical or customer support through the Internet. is the administration of conducting business via the Internet. All the registrations.Students can follow courses through online without participate to the classrooms. It is comparable to a seal.A signature is a stylized script associated with a person. or Electronic Business.

elearning is content and instructional methods delivered on a computer (CD ROM.An electronic version of a book • E-Voting – any person can vote for their political parties or any other relevant things electronically . Internet or Intranet ) and designed to build knowledge and skills related to an individual or an organizational goal. • E-Book.• E-Learning .

• E-Government – – A generic term that refers to any government functions or processes that are carried out in digital form over the Internet. . – Local. download government forms and contact government representatives. state and federal governments essentially set up central Web sites from which the public (both private citizens and businesses) can find public information.

Normal data is allowed through the firewall (e. emails or web pages) but all other data is blocked. or a piece of software that is placed between your computer and the rest of the network.What is Firewall? A firewall is a device. you would place a firewall between the LAN and the Internet connection. If you wish to protect your whole LAN from hackers out on the Internet. A firewall blocks unauthorized connections being made to your computer or LAN. .g.

hotmail. as between personal (www. • Common Email Providers – Gmail – – MSN Hotmail – is Email • A system for sending and receiving messages electronically over a computer ( – Yahoo – ( .

Amazon.) Email is used to have a readily available place to store documents (email yourself with your document “attached” instead of saving it to a disk) .What is Email Used For?    Email is used to communicate with family and friends in the same way letters are sent in the mail. MySpace etc. Email is used by many websites to communicate with users after creating an account (eBay.

5/30/2013 38 .com and complete each section. This part is called a captcha – the distorted words are used to test that you are a human completing the form rather than a computer (cuts down on scams).Creating an Email account Step 2: Sign up for your email address • Go to the website

when you are writing down your email address you need to include all three parts! When you are sending an email you need to have all three parts. 5/30/2013 39 .The anatomy of an email address Username “at” Domain name/ Email provider with “dot com” Remember.

pictures. excel. etc. . etc. video clips.Parts of the Email • • To – To whom the mail is to be sent Cc – Carbon Copy is used to send same message to several recipients Bcc – Blind carbon copy is used to send same message to several recipients without showing everyone all the address.. files sounds. Subject – Denotes the subject of the message • • • Attachments – link used send file such as word.


It also saves fuel needed in transportation. Reliable and secure: Constant efforts are being taken to improve the security in electronic mails. Thus making it one of the secured ways of communication. maintain our mail history. Speed: The e-mail is delivered instantly.Advantages of Email • • • • • • • • • • Easy to use: E-mail frees us from the tedious task of managing data of daily use. Advertising tool: Many individuals and companies are using e-mails to advertise their products. on what he is reading. there is a provision in the mailing system to attach the previous mails as references. Environment friendly: Postal mails use paper as a medium to send letters. This adds value to the e-mail service. Sending and receiving e-mails takes less time. It helps us to manage our contacts. Easier for reference: When one needs to reply to a mail. saves a lot of trees from being axed. send mails quickly. it is easy to prioritize them and ignore unwanted mails. so it can be used as a tool for interaction. etc. The auto responders reply back to the sender with generalized pre-written text messages. Informal and conversational: The language used in e-mails is generally simple and thus makes the communication informal. anywhere across the globe. services. . Use of graphics: Colorful greeting cards and interesting pictures can be sent through e-mails. No other service matches the e-mail in terms of speed. Easy to prioritize: Since the mails have subject lines. Electronic mail thus. etc. store the required information. This refreshes the recipient's knowledge. Automated e-mails: It is possible to send automated e-mails using special programs like the auto responders.

These programs copy themselves and further infect the computer. Lengthy mails: If the mail is too long and not properly presented. Misinterpretation: One has to be careful while posting content through an e-mail. . It becomes difficult for users to manage such a huge chunk of mails. Crowded inbox: Over a period of time. the matter could be misinterpreted. the e-mail inbox may get crowded with mails. Checking and deleting these unwanted mails can unnecessarily consume a lot of time. the reader may lose interest in reading it. Thus. The recipient needs to scan the mails since. Hacking: The act of breaking into computer security is termed as hacking. one has to check his e-mail account regularly. Spam: E-mails when used to send unsolicited messages and unwanted advertisements create nuisance and are termed as Spam.Disadvantages of Email • • • • • • • • Viruses: These are computer programs which have the potential to harm a computer system. there is a chance of business documents going unnoticed. urgent transactions and especially those requiring signatures are not managed through e-mails. If typed in a hurry. viruses are transmitted through them and have the potential to harm computer systems. "bounces" between servers located in different parts of the world. An e-mail before being delivered to the recipient. Need to check the inbox regularly: In order to stay updated. it can be hacked by a professional hacker. hence. Not suitable for business: Since the content posted via e-mails is considered informal.

have to spent money for stamps. envelops & papers • Waste paper • Environment friendly .Different Between Email & Snail Mail Email • Quick and speed • Can send in 24x7x365 • Low cost Snail Mail • Takes many days to receive the mail • Only can send in office time in 5 working days • High cost.