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LankaBangla Home Loan

Our Services
Purchase of Apartment or House or Commercial Space or Land Construction of Apartment or House or Commercial Building Renovation and Restructuring of Apartment or House or Commercial space/Building Any purpose Loan against Mortgage of the existing Property

Purchase or Renovation of Professionals chamber

Loan Takeover from any other Bank/ FI.

Why you Choose to LankaBangla Home Loan?

Equal consideration and approval procedures for all professionals including businessman. Fixed and Variable Interest rate any one can choose. Interest calculated on monthly reducing balance basis Option to pay only interest during construction period. Maximum Loan amount BDT 100 million(flexible; if client s profile meet with the security and cash flow)

Loan up to 70% of total Property value along with Car parking space and Registration cost Highest Loan facilities for Non-resident Bangladeshi. Early Settlement option; to pay only Prepayment Fee 2% plus VAT on outstanding principal amount. Partial Prepayment option; without any service charge Restructuring Loan Term any time without any service charge

Approval within shortest possible time. Approval of Home Loan before purchase of apartment. Partial Disbursement Option Loan Disburse during the Construction stage Disburse against TPA or Registered Mortgage Considerable for partly cash salary and Grace Period maximum 12 months

No Relationship Fee!

any Phone call any letter issue any visit at Office or Home reducing or increasing loan tenure any statement / certificate EMI cheque dishonor any partial prepayment


Equated Monthly Installments(EMI) Structured Repayment as per clients requirement

Collateral Security
Registered Mortgage of the Apartment / House/Commercial space/Land
Registered Mortgage through TPA of the Apartment Deposit of Title Deeds through Tri-partite Agreement. (Equitable Mortgage) Third-Party External Personal Guarantor (wherever applicable). Any other security on special case

Borrowing and Lending of FUND!

say any Bank / FI is borrowing fund inform of TDR and Term Loan @ 14 % to 14.50 % p.a. how they Lending @ 16% or 17% p.a. beside this 1% general provision is required as Bangladesh Bank Policy plus commission on TDR collection and management expenditure i.e. they are doing business for loosing, obviously not; they will make profit from this scenario now question HOW?

Interest Calculation?
Lender offer Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly or Annually resting for interest calculation? say I offer interest @15% p.a. for BDT 1,000,000 for 15 years as monthly reducing method then EMI is BDT 13,996 Quarterly resting EMI BDT 14,043, half yearly BDT 14,113, yearly BDT 14,252 However, If I offer Flat rate @10.13% p.a. for the same amount and period then EMI is BDT 13,997

Documentation for client

Very simple!

for Salaried person

Salary Certificate TIN Certificate, NID 6 months Bank statement

for Businessman
Tax Return/IT-10B and NID 12 months Bank statement Partnership deed/ Trade License


Mortgage Loan Division