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Green Buildings - Lessons Learnt

11th National Convention on Sustainable Housing for Masses

7 December 2012

Confederation of Indian Industry

IGBC Vision
Vision 2025
Enable Sustainable BuiltEnvironment for ALL India to become one of the world leader in Sustainable BuiltEnvironment by 2025

Confederation of Indian Industry

Rating Programmes to Suit Different Building Types

Programmes launched
IGBC Green Homes

IGBC Green Factory Buildings

IGBC Green SEZs IGBC Green Townships

LEED 2011 for India

New Construction Core & Shell

Other Programmes on anvil

IGBC Landscape *

* Rating under development

Rating systems applicable for all 5 climatic zones in the country

Confederation of Indian Industry

Green Building Movement in India

In 2001, 1 Green Building 20,000 sq.ft.

1.275 Billion sq.ft.

Confederation of Indian Industry

1,810 Green Buildings,

Green Building Movement in India

S No

Criteria CEOs & senior people involved No. of professionals trained on Green Building concepts No. of registered Green Buildings Built in Area (sq.ft) Green Building products & equipment IGBC Member Organisations

2001 50 10 1 20k 5

Till date 10,000 18,500 1,810 1,275 Million 120 1,380

1 2 3

5 6 7

(Founding Members)
IGBC Local Chapters

0 0 0

13 894

IGBC Accredited Professionals

Confederation of Indian Industry

Benefits Experienced in Green Buildings

First 3 Platinum buildings monitored to validate tangible benefits Benefits far exceeding the initial estimates
Building Sq.ft Normal Building (kWh)

Actual Building (kWh)


% Reduction

Annual Energy Savings (Rs in Lakhs)





CII Godrej GBC






Energy consumption depends on

Local climate, Density of occupancy, Occupancy schedule, Orientation of the building, Internal loads

Confederation of Indian Industry

Green Buildings Resulting in Significant Benefits

1.275 Billion sq.ft so far
Environmental Benefit Category
CO2 reduction Energy savings
*Source : IGBC

Annual Benefits Per Million Sq.ft*

12,000 Tons 15,000 MWh
Eco-Commercial Building, Greater NoidaLEED Platinum

ITC Green Centre LEED Platinum

Confederation of Indian Industry

What Green Buildings did differently

Feature Electrical Demand (1 Mn sq. ft) Conventional Building 8 - 10 MW Green Building 6 - 7 MW

Lighting Power (watts/ sq. ft)


1.5 - 2.0
2.5 - 3.0

0.6 - 0.8
1.5 - 2.0

Equipment Power Density (watts/ sq. ft)

Local Shopping Complex- Reliance

LEED Gold Rated

Aquamall, Dehradun LEED Gold

Confederation of Indian Industry

Green Building JourneyThe Lessons Learnt

#1) Green Buildings Make Business Sense #2) Be Open for New Ideas #3) Designers Need to be Customer Centric #4) Green Buildings do not affect project schedule

#5) Monitoring the performance will lead to continuous improvements

#6) Carrot & Not Stick Policy

Confederation of Indian Industry

Green Buildings Make Business Sense

Green Buildings make business sense
Tangible benefits
Energy 40-50 % Water 20-30 %

Lessons Learnt # 1

Incremental cost : 5 - 6 % Payback : 3 -4 years

Confederation of Indian Industry

Cost of Green Buildings - Indian Experiences

Building Year awarded Built-in Area (sq.ft) Rating Achieved % increase in cost Payback (Yrs)

CII-Godrej GBC, Hyderabad ITC Green Centre, Gurgaon Wipro, Gurgaon Technopolis, Kolkata Spectral Services Consultants Office, Noida Kalpataru Square Suzlon One Earth, Pune

2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2010

20,000 1,70,000 1,75,000 72,000 15,000 3,00,000 8,00,000

Platinum Platinum Platinum Gold Platinum Platinum Platinum

18 % 15 % 8% 6% 8% 2% 2%

7 years 6 years 5 years 3 years 4 years 2 years 2 years

Confederation of Indian Industry

Be Open for New Ideas

Open for ideas
Not to stick to run-of-the mill designs

Lessons Learnt # 2

Incorporate green by design

Can make green buildings economical

Keep abreast of latest green concepts & technologies

Confederation of Indian Industry

Designers Need to be Customer - Centric

Different customers ; different drivers

Lessons Learnt # 3

Owner : Functionality, Savings Developer : Viability, Image Architect Occupant : Pride : Comfort

Confederation of Indian Industry

Green Buildings do not affect Project Schedule

Design parameters are frozen during the initial stages Rating awarded coinciding
Spectral Services, Noida LEED NC Platinum

Lessons Learnt # 4

with the commissioning

Do what you say & say what you do

Confederation of Indian Industry

Lessons Learnt # 5 Monitoring the Performance will lead to Continuous Improvements

Data of energy consumption

reported by certified
projects are in IGBC website

Information voluntarily shared by certified projects

Confederation of Indian Industry

Performance monitoring
Average Energy
Type of Building Savings over Conventional

Average Water
Savings over Conventional

Buildings (%)
Corporate Offices Tech Parks Hotels Hospitals Educational Institutions

Buildings (%)
60% 50% 45% 35%
Asian School of Business, Pallippuram IGBC Gold rated

47% 27% 35% 33% 39%


Data collected from 40 IGBC Rated Green Buildings so far

Confederation of Indian Industry

Carrot & Not Stick Policy

Green building should be a voluntary initiative Carrot & not stick policy
Require sops & not legislations
Incentives for green buildings will Enhance Pride ; Not Economics

Lessons Learnt # 6

Confederation of Indian Industry

Government & IGBC

Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) Notification on Green Buildings
Faster Environmental

Clearance to projects
applying for IGBC Green Building Certification

Confederation of Indian Industry

Government & IGBC

Additional FAR of 5% for IGBC rated Green Buildings by NOIDA
Plot size of 5,000 sq.m and above
To achieve a minimum of Gold rating

Confederation of Indian Industry

To Sum Up
Tremendous Potential to address sustainability issues through

Green Buildings Concepts

India has demonstrated the Leadership Together we can work towards making India one of the Global

Leaders in Sustainable BuiltEnvironment

Confederation of Indian Industry

Go Green.

Confederation of Indian Industry