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Unilever was founded on 1 January 1930 by Antonius Johannes Jurgens and William Hulme Lever Incorporated here in 1948 Started building their factory at Rahim Yar Khan LBPL, the largest consumer goods producing company in Pakistan

INTRODUCTION TO PROCTER & GAMBLE  In 1837.   . Began working in the company in 1883 and served as president of the company from 1907-1930. The company's first product was Ivory soap. introduced in 1879. Procter and Gamble was founded in Cincinnati by William Procter and Began.

MISSION STATEMENT  Unilever Their mission is “ To add Vitality to life”.  P&G Provide branded products and superior quality and value that improve the lives of the world's consumer. .

 P&G Be. the best consumer products and services company in the world.VISION STATEMENT  Unilever Work to create a better future every day by Inspiring people and develop new ways of doing business . . and be recognized as.

CORE VALUES Unilever Always working with integrity  Positive impact  Working with others  Continuous commitment  P&G People  Integrity  Passion for winning  .




. LBPL relaunched suns ilk in Pakistan in 2000. Sun silk has not been able to gain desired share in market.SUN SILK INTRODUCTION It was launched in 1954 in United kingdom. sun silk was introduced in Pakistan in 1989 with three variants Related to hair type.

Market segment of female of age 16-21  Market segment of female of age 21-40  40 above  .MARKET SEGMENTATION OF SUN SILK  Sun silk shampoo will be using gender and age as the basis for segmentation. This segmentation is Demographic segmentation.

they cover the whole market.TARGET MARKET OF SUN SILK  Their main target market is females between the age group 16-40.  . But in their promotional activities. These segment s are the best to make accurate promotional strategies to earn the market interest.

Change packing and size to attract new customers  .MARKET POISONING STRATEGY(MIND SHARE)  In the time when every young adult want to give himself a new look. Sun silk offers family size bottle in 165rps.


H&S has a 65% market share of Anti Dandruff shampoo segment.PRODUCT IN PAKISTAN  Head & Shoulders is world's No.  .1 anti-dandruff shampoo. It has consolidated this position since the new Renaissance launch. A power brand from P&G . In Pakistan. this brand made its debut in Pakistan in 1991.

MARKET SEGMENTATION OF HEAD AND SHOULDER  For head and shoulders it is based upon life style as well as customer preference despite of their demography or geography. The core segments are Black hair  Anti-dandruff  Smooth hair  .

.TARGET MARKET The target market for Head & Shoulders are the Higher middle class people who are brand conscious. early adaptors and who care about the overall health of their hair.

MARKET POSITIONING STRATEGY  Head and shoulders differentiate itself from other anti dandruff shampoos by the means of introduction of new element ZPT formula.  . Offers family size bottle in 220rps so that is the reason it is a hot product in brand conscious people.

THE NEW COLLECTION Hair Fall Defence Soothing Care Silky Black Classic clean Lively & Silky Refreshing .

 Belonging to P&G give Head & Shoulders an esteem in consumers mind. . who have lower income. Sun silk can targeting the lower class. Head & shoulders targeting mainly high and middle class people.    It’s innovative campaigns and pervasive ways of promotion made the consumers well aware about Sun silk.DIFFERENCE BETWEEN Sun silk  Head and shoulders  Sun silk came with the idea to grab the market and to be superior in the market. Head and shoulder successfully established itself as a strong brand.

LIST OF COMPETITORS (IN PAKISTAN)  Sun silk Pantene Dove Medicam Bio amla (in rural areas)  Head and shoulders Clean and clear Garnier       .


BCG ANALYSIS UNILEVER  • •  • •  • • P&G Stars Gillette Pampers  Cash cows Head and shoulders Ariel  Dogs Camay White  Question mark Oral-B Herbal Essences   • • Stars Sun silk Lux Cash cows Lipton Ponds Dogs Wheel Lifebuoy shampoo Question mark Clear shampoo Rin .

RELATIVE MARKET SHARE OF SUN SILK AND HEAD AND SHOULDERS 28% 38% Head and shoulders Sun silk 34% Other Brands .