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Leadership & Team Building Lessons From Chak De India


Leadership, a critical management skill, is the ability to

motivate a group of people towards a common goal. These
items will help you develop your skills as a leader.
Leadership Definitions

"Leadership is the influencing process of leaders and

followers to achieve organizational objectives through
changes". (Lussier & A chua, 2004)
The Eleven Skills of Leadership

Getting and Giving Information

Understanding Team Needs and Characteristics
Knowing and Understanding Team Resources
Controlling the Team
Setting the Example
Representing the Team
Sharing Leadership
Manager of Learning
Leadership Styles

 Autocratic Leadership Style

The leader alone determines policies and makes plans. He demands

strict obedience and relies on power.

 Participative Leadership Style

Involvement in decision-making improves the understanding of the

issues involved by those who must carry out the decisions.

 Democratic Leadership Style

The entire team is involved in and accepts responsibility for goal setting
and achievement. Subordinate have considerable freedom of action.
Chak de India


Team Building

T: Together
E: Everyone
A: Achieves
M: More….
16 Girls ,different states, different
backgrounds,different skills sets but one dream-

Team was a rag bunch of girls with own agenda


All Functions must work together towards an objective –

creation of success through a die hard attitude ,team
work, high energy and extreme passion for work among
their team
The Right Attitude….

Its very important to possess right attitude….

A positive body language can make a huge difference

Power of Expectations

Winners don’t quit…..

Quitters don’t win…….

Because he believes that it is not that we can't win. It's just that we
have never believed we can.
Don’t Build an organization

Build Cross Functional And Mulitskilled teams to achieve your dream.

“Success does not mean the absence of failure….

Its about winning the war and not every battle…”

Strategize your move and know what you want to achieve…

Harnessing the right talent for the right job

Like the story of Kabir Khan…and his 16
girls, all organizations and its employees should
work towards a common vision and be a part of a
TEAM that believes in creating a World Class
Leaders' Top Three Mistakes

1. Managing instead of leading.

 2. Mistaking individual loyalty for team building.

 3. Failing to apply what motivates us.