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Recruitment and Selection Issues Responsibility of Recruitment and

Selection Job Analysis and Determination of Selection Criteria Recruiting Applicants Selection Procedures Equal Employment Opportunity Requirements in Selecting Salespeople

Recruitment and Selection Issues

(Decision Process of Recruitment)

Responsibility for Recruiting & Selecting Salespeople

Sales and Marketing supervisors and managers Personnel department Higher executives Outside assistance from recruiting firms

Following are the activities in selection and recruitment: Analysis regarding activities, tasks and environmental influences involved in the job to be filled Contents of job description 1. Nature of product or services to be sold 2. Types of customers to be called on, along with the company policies 3. Specific tasks and responsibilities to be carried out e.g. research, information collection, promotional duties etc 4. Relationship within the organization 5. Mental and physical demands of job 6. Environmental pressures and constraints Determining job qualifications and selection criteria Methods of deciding on selection criteria Following characteristics are common in failed professionals: Instability of residence Failures of business within last two years Unexplained gaps in the persons employment record Recent divorce or marital problems Excessive personal indebtedness e.g bills not paid in last two years

Job Analysis & Determination of Selection Criteria

Recruiting Applicants
Internal Sources Company employees have established performance record Recruits from inside require less orientation and training. Moreover they are more familiar with company policies, products and operations. Recruiting from inside can bolster company morale, as employees become aware of opportunities for advancement are available inside the company External Sources Referral of people from other firms Advertisements Employment Agencies Educational Institutions Internet

Applicant Interview Form

External Sources of Sales Recruits

Selection Procedures
Selection tools and procedures: Application blanks Personal Interviews 1. Structured Interviews 2. Unstructured Interviews Physical Examinations Psychological tests 1. Intelligence 2. Aptitude 3. Personality tests Concerns about the use of tests Guidelines for the appropriate use of tests Reference checks

Predictive Validity of Various Selection Criteria

Equal Opportunity Requirements in Selecting Salespeople

Requirement for tests Requirements for interview and application blanks Sensitive questions

Nationality Religion Sex and Marital Status Age Physical characteristics, Disabilities, Handicaps and Health problems Height and Weight Bankruptcy or Garnishments Arrests and Convictions