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of the aircrafts suffer from wind wear caused by the high speeds reached while at service.


rain, snow, dust and sand may cause dirt to be accumulated on the aircraft surfaces.


dirtiness should be removed because it may lead to corrosion and surface wear. And it is also why the aircraft surface must be repainted at intervals.


fairing is an aircraft structural housing whose main function is to reduce the resistance offered by the air displacement, and is located in areas where the aircraft can produce potentially greater resistance than in others.


cowling is benefit for increasing the resistance in the parts of the aircraft such as the undercarriage of small planes are fixed, there comes the cover cowling covering the undercarriage so that obtains better resistance it.

The function of the lubrication system is to provide a lubricating fluid, oil, to the engine at a certain pressure and in sufficient quantity to achieve: Reduce friction between metal parts of the engine. Fill internal imperfections so you always have no contact between lubricated surfaces (ALSO REDUCES THE FRICTION) Reduce the heat generated in the hottest engine zones, absorbing some of the heat. Protect the engine from rust and corrosion -> By using additives

In aircraft engines, four-stroke and internal combustion, the lubrication method used is adding engine lubricating oil.


are two lubrication methods:

Wet sump (mostly used on light aircrafts) Dry sump

On the wet sump engines, the oil is retained on the own engines sump. On dry sump engines, oil is retained on external tanks, and the use of a pump is required to drive the oil to the tank.

a. Engine sectionfor visual evidence of excessive oil, fuel, or hydraulic leaks, and sources of such leaks. b. Studs and nutsfor proper torquing and obvious defects. c. Internal enginefor cylinder compression and for metal particles or foreign matter on screens and sump drain plugs. If cylinder compression is weak, check for improper internal condition and improper internal tolerances.

Engine mountfor cracks, looseness of mounting, and looseness of engine to mount. e. Flexible vibration dampenersfor condition and deterioration.

Engine controlsfor defects, proper travel, and proper safetying. g. Lines, hoses, and clampsfor leaks, condition, and looseness. h. Exhaust stacksfor cracks, defects, and proper attachment. i. Accessoriesfor apparent defects in security of mounting.

All systemsfor proper installation, general condition defects, and secure attachment. k. Cowlingfor cracks and defects. l. Ground runup and functional check check all powerplant controls and systems for correct response, all instruments for proper operation and indication.

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