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Project Hub is a work space for local makers so they can collaborate and innovate. We enable individuals to use creative problem solving for real world applications, promoting innovation to people of all ages and interests.

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A community-operated physical place where people can go to learn, share, and work on their creations in a safe environment.
The maker community has evolved tremendously from the 1970s hacker community.

Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates, Paul Allen

Origin of hacker A person messing about with something in a positive sense, that is, using playful cleverness to achieve a goal.

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Project Hub recognizes that its members (a new community of makers in Spartanburg) will greatly benefit from access to a clean and safe working environment with the proper education, tools, and equipment they need to innovate. This new community will consist of artists, craftsmen, engineers, designers, hackers, inventors, machinists, makers, mechanics, programmers, students, tinkerers, and the retired who all share a love for learning and bringing our ideas to reality using education, collaboration, and technology readily available at Project Hub.

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Workspace Project Storage On-site Expert Artisans Asylum in Somerville, Massachusetts Convenient Access to Materials Project Vault Online Database Part-time Job Opportunities Opportunity to Participate in Local-International Competitions Tools and Equipment
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Educational and Certification Classes Workshops Various Events Contract Labor for Miscellaneous Projects

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As part of Membership Services we will create part-time job opportunities. A member can choose to trade skilled labor for next months membership fee or earn additional income by working for Project Hub.

These job opportunities include:

Working as the supervisor of a hub space

Teaching classes Working on various projects brought to Project Hub by the public

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Students Fashion Designers Hobbyists Artists Engineers Mechanics Machinists Master Tradesmen Anyone with a Project
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Schools & Colleges MeetUp Referral Program Flyers Boy & Girl Scouts IRC Hobby Groups Social Media Radio Ads Member T-shirts

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How far will a maker travel to make?

Makerspaces in Neighboring States:
< 200 Miles Away FabLab Rutherford
Rutherfordton, NC 1 Hour/35 miles from Spartanburg

> 200 Miles Away HatCH UNC
Chapel Hill, NC 3hr32min/210 Miles from Spartanburg

Foothills Community Workshop

Granite Falls, NC 1hr40min/93 Miles from Spartanburg
Augusta, GA 2.5hrs/122 Miles from Spartanburg

My Inventor Club
Atlanta, GA 2hr47min/173 Miles from Spartanburg

Atlanta, GA 2hrs51min/174 Miles from Spartanburg

Largest Franchise Menlo Park, CA San Francisco, CA San Jose, CA Allen Park, MI Round Rock, TX Pittsburgh, PA

Knoxville Hackerspace
Oak Ridge, TN 3hr15min/195 Miles from Spartanburg

7hills Makerspace
Rome, GA 3hrs44min/229 Miles from Spartanburg

Chattanooga, TN 4hr17min/277 Miles from Spartanburg

Clarksville, TN 6hrs16mins/398 Miles from Spartanburg

Midsouth Makers
Memphis, TN 8hr25min/550 Miles from Spartanburg

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Spartanburg Currently no Makerspaces Project Hub will be first of its kind in the Upstate Greenville Makers Hobbyist Group Emphasis on Electronics and 3D Printing Charleston Makerspace Smaller Scale Non-Profit Over 3 hours Away from Spartanburg

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Expand Our Domains Clay and Ceramics Glass

Printing Papercraft Chemicals Establish Larger Regional Hub Utilize SCC Tyger River Campus Incubator Specialized Machinery Provide business support to start-ups who hire members (through partners) Open Additional Locations Throughout SC and/or Locations Nationwide Project Hub Greenville @ SCTAC with Project Green and NEXT HS Initially targeting regions heavily populated with students and manufacturers Possible Franchise Opportunities

Contact Project Hub or call Laney Alverson - (864) 670-0135
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