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.Importance Why ? Swap is interchange of Hardware 2. To keep hardware functioning 1.

Identification Path Balance TASR Diversity Hardware issue Alarms Statistics .

MS Receive Power Downlink Uplink Pathloss (UL)= MS Tx Power.Path loss Pathloss (DL)= BTS Tx Power.BTS Receive Power .

…….level11 Level 1.2 === >Poor Downlink Level 11..downlink pathloss Huawei graded this path balance in 11 levels. Named level1.Path Balance Uplink/Downlink balance= uplink pathloss .level2.12 == >Poor Uplink .

Weaker Downlink from iManager Weaker uplink >15 % sample Weaker Downlink >25 % sample (HW defined) .

Connector TMA Cable.Cause Poor Downlink MRFU (TRX) Poor Uplink MS Cable. Connector MRFU(TRX) .

SD} Seeking for TCH (TRX 1) . SD MS Channel set {BCCH.  After the SDCCH request MS gets TCH successfully and the call transfers to TCH it means TCH assignment is successful.  TRX 0 TRX 1 TRX 2 B T T SD T T SD T T P T T P T T T T T T T T T T T BCCH .TASR TCH Assignment is a process of by which TCH is assigned to the MS.

Poor TASR from iManager Poor TASR < 0.95 (HW defined) .

Cause Poor TASR causes Channel Resource Congestion Faulty Hardware MRFU(TRX) TMA .

Diversity Two channel system Tx Signal x(k) Path-1 receive signal r1(k) Path-2 receive signal r2(k) Output signal.W2} Maximum SNR ratio criterion.y(k) W1*r1(k)+W2*r2(k) {W1.Adaptive combining co-efficient .

ok    If Diversity falls out of this range --------loss of diversity .Loss of Diversity Huawei has two customized counter for diversity check   S4556:Average Main Level in the Customized MR(dBm) S4557:Average Diversity Level in the Customized MR(dBm) Diversity = 10*log10(S4556/S4557) If Diversity falls {-6 to 6} dB ---.

Diversity loss from iManager Diversity fails this time frame Loss of diversity if range exceed {-6 to 6}dB (HW defined) .

Abis drop Huawei has four indication to measure Abis drop     Call Drops due to Abis Terrestrial Link Failure Severely Error Second (SES) Errored Second (ES) Cyclic Redundancy Checksum (CRC) .

SES ES Measure Algorithm .

Abis drop (SES/ES) .

Alarms Severity Category    Critical Major Minor Some RF related alarms  E1/T1 Alarm  OML Fault  RF Unit VSWR Threshold Crossed  BBU CPRI Interface Error  GSM Cell out of Service .

ALM-2204 TRX Communication Alarm  3. ALM-2214 E1/T1 Local Alarm  5. ALM-25802 E1/T1 Remote Alarm Indication Signal         . ALM-21512 LAPD Link Fault  2. ALM-21801 GSM Cell out of Service  4.Some more RF related Alarms # [html]ALM-20204 Clock Signal Outputs Faulty # [html]ALM-20204 Clock Signal Inputs Faulty # [html]ALM-20205 System Clock Reference Source Unavailable # [html]ALM-20206 Current System Clock Reference Source Status Abnormal # [html]ALM-20207 Failure in Locking System Clock Source # [html]ALM-20208 Clock Reference Source of Main Control Board Unavailable # [html]ALM-20209 Faulty Phase-Locked Loop of the Board Clock # [html]ALM-20210 Current Clock Reference Source of Main Control Board Abnormal  # [html]ALM-20220 Incorrect Connection of Ethernet Cables Between Subracks  # [html]ALM-20221 Link Between GE Switching Boards Faulty  # ALM-20222 Communication Between GE Switching Boards Faulty  1.

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