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Jayaprakash Keyur Murali Senthil

6/6/2013 1

associated with high notch athletes. • Innovative image in the minds of consumers (Innovative Strategy) – – – – 1965 . mainly serious males. superiority and even Arrogance 6/6/2013 2 .Debut of First Marathon Shoe 70's . • Nike’s image was totally different from other US local competitors . • Nike is perceived as a high performance brand.Introduction of Air technology in basketball shoes Later alpha line high tech products • They used brand associated with achievers through getting the endorsement of high notch athletes in the US.characterize brand image & sources of brand equity in U.Innovative new cushioning technology 1988 . innovative aggressive brand. since Nike considered performance as top priority.S • Nike brand image that the company initially was building is a pure American icon. achievers and winners.They portrait the American spirit of competition.Nike . high performance.

• “Finger on the pulse strategy” where Nike have some of its employees hitting the street finding out what is in the minds of their consumers and following their needs and tracking their brand perception. determinant.Public that used their shoes just for walking around yet Nike was committed to design their shoes according to the high standards of professional competition. McEnroe. • Brand loyalty – Knight communicating in the language by athetic. • The most famous example for brand association ever was the collaboration between Nike and Jordan . winners. nontraditional (out of the box). less durable line. • Brand credibility .• Nike is associating its brand with famous athletic celebrities (Michel Jordan. Michel Johnson) .Nike communicated this association through their TV ads (Jordan air ad) • Perceived quality . Nike still kept up its promise by delivering high performance and high quality shoes. they are achievers. 6/6/2013 3 .amazing top performing brand • Brand Awareness . and accomplishment the 80’s when Aerobics games were rising and the trend in the shoe design was shifting toward more fashionable.

local clubs. Sponsorship of Brazil soccer team which won 1994 world cup. Focused attention on Barcelona Olympics. 6/6/2013 4 . Repurchasing licenses from distributors. – Nike’s image as aggressive and expensive American brand • Nike’s Strategy – – – – – – – Became sponsor of athletes. Mercurial in 1998. – Studied foot morphology for design of flagship soccer shoes.Global Brand Building : Europe • Challenges in Europe : – Adidas and Puma with 75 % of Market share – Adidas and Puma had alliances with local sports teams and athletes. by featuring local players and Global players. Used apparels for building Nike franchise. Two tier marketing approach. soccer leagues. Raised global advertisement budget to $ 240 Million.

Evil” Ad in 1996. 6/6/2013 5 . – Controversial “Nike vs.Global Brand Building : Europe • Nike Commercials: – “Nasty boy” image of American tennis star. – The Wall Commercial for soccer 1994 world cup. “True to its [Nike] soul” in 1989 – Featured Jimi Hendrix with tagline “Play Hard Die Old”. John McEnroe in 1981. – Launched centralized print campaign to introduce Air technology in 1988. – Launched its gospel campaign.

– Attention on China.Global Brand Building : Asia • Nike’s Strategy: – Japan as primary market with import of 100 million of Nike products in 1992. 6/6/2013 6 . – Softer ads for Asia with celebrated local athletes as heroes.

• The successful brand association strategy of Nike is based on three main pillars.5 Bn with relation between Jordan & Nike 6/6/2013 7 . the credibility of the celebrity and the personality match between the celebrity and the brand.Sponsorships and Endorsements vital to Nike’s business? • Sponsorships and endorsements are very vital to Nike business. • Generated $9. Nike has built a strong brand image along the years through successful brand associations with legendary athletic heroes (American and non Americans). the attractiveness of the celebrity.

• Take previous learning into account for designing market campaigning programs as Nike’s Ads campaign Asia. • For International growth take Two tier marketing approach. • Strategic entry into new segments as Nike entered into apparel segment. • Management of public perception of logo as it should not be ubiquitous 6/6/2013 8 .Learning from the case • Be Innovators and keep Investing in R&D to give new products to customers. • Enter into growing economy like Nike’s Entry into Asia. • Listen to customers as Nike’s Women centric approach. by featuring local players and Global players.

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