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Metering Station

New skid of GSPL


Purpose of Metering

Gas metering stations are designed for simultaneous,

continuous analysis of the quality and quantity of natural gas being transferred from terminal. Monitor & manage the natural gas supply in pipes. Measure the flow of gas along the pipeline with the minimum error. Employ specialized meters to measure natural gas as it flows through the pipeline without impeding its movement.
Standards for Measurement: AGA 8: Natural Gas Compressibility AGA 9: Measurement of Gas by Multipath USM AGA 10: Measurement of Speed of sound

GPA 2172/2145: Heating Value calculation

New Skid Architecture

New Skid Architecture

New Skid P & ID

07. P & ID.pdf

Ultrasonic Flow Meter (USM) The SeniorSonic is designed for

custody transfer and other applications requiring high accuracy. It measures the flow rate which is dependent on the average fluid velocity & cross sectional area of meter. The basic principle is that sound traveling with fluid flow will travel faster than sound traveling against the flow. The transient difference is a function of fluid velocity.

Ultrasonic Flow Meter (USM)

USM Specifications:
Make/Model No. Type Line Size Design/Op. Flow Design/Op. Pressure

Daniel/3400-HA00-451751 Senior Sonic Intrusive, Multipath 12 14150/640-13000 ACMH 93.8/60-90 barg

Design/Op. Temperature -5 to 60 /5.6-6.6 Deg. C Design & Construction Accuracy Supply Outputs AGA-9, ASTM A352 LCC (-46 C) body +/- 0.3% overall including Lab inaccuracy 24 v DC / 15 watt RS 232/485 2 nos. for flow and Diag. Pulse O/P 2 nos. 1 Ethernet port 12 600# Sch 80 Flow Profiler, MOC SS316


Pneumatic Actuator

Spring Cylinder Scotch-Yock


Instrument Air Supply

Actuator Specifications:

Tag Make/Model no. Type

MOVP 1880,1881,1890,1891 Flowserve RG318SR5CNGGE00 Single effect, Spring return & piston type, Scotch Yock 1 inch/second (adjustable upto 12 seconds) 10-45 Deg. C 4-6-9

Valve Position on Failuer Fail Close type Stroke time Operating Temperature Operating Pressure

Material of Construction

CS for housing,cyl-piston & Alloy steel for Spring

P & F Make, Model: NJ2-V3-N, Rating: 24V DC ASCO Make, Model: NF8327A002, Operating Voltage: 110V DC

Gas Chromatograph

Fig:- Model 500 Analyzer Functional Block Diagram

GC Controller (2350A) Functions

Valve Activations Timing Adjustments Stream Sequences 10 Analog I/Ps: all 4-20mA 16 Digital I/Ps:

Baseline Runs Analysis Stream/Detector Assignments

Alarm & Event Processing

Diagnostics Computation and

5 to read ModBus Add, 5 streram flow alarms 22 Digital O/Ps: 6 Analyzer control, 8 Driver outputs for solenids 5 alarms 3 front panel indicator
Communication: RS-232, RS-

Chromatogram Report Generation Interface with Other Device

422 or RS-485

The Analyzer Detector

Fig:- Schematic Diagram of Analyzer Detector Bridge

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Fig:- Detector Output during Component elution

Detector Bridge balanced. 1st component begins to elute Peak Concentration of 1st Component 2nd Component begins to elute Peak Concentration of 2nd Component

Thus, It separates and measures the individual components of gas. (C1, C2,C3, IC4, NC4, IC5, NC5, H2S, COS, Total Sulfur) It will calculate Heating value, Specific gravity, compressibility, Wobbe index based on composition.

FloBoss S600+ Flow Computer

The FloBoss S600+ Flow Computer

(S600+) is a panel mount fiscal flow computer designed specifically for hydrocarbon liquid and gas measurement where versatility and accuracy are high priorities.
The S600+ supports multi-stream (up to ten

with optional expansion modules), multistation (up to two) applications that are configured for simultaneous metering of gas, wet gas, crude oil, refined products, LPG, NGLs, etc. The S600+ can accommodate both a liquid and a gas station simultaneously.

FloBoss S600+ Flow Computer Specifications

Processor Operating System ColdFire MPC8313 333 MHz with integral floating point processor Linux

Data Logging

Flash 256 MB, DRAM 128 MB, SRAM 4 MB

The S600+ supports up to 333 days of 10 stream reports where monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly reports are each archived as individual reports. Configuration Port (located on the bottom of the front panel) Ethernet (NTWK1, NTWK2) RS232 (COM3, COM4) RS422/RS485 (COM5, COM6, COM7) RS485 (COM9, COM10, COM11, COM12) USB


FloBoss S600+ Flow Computer Specifications

I/Os: Analog Inputs 1 to 5 V, 0 to 5 V, 4 to 20 mA, or 0 to 20 mA, opto-isolated

Frequency/Density Inputs
Pulse Inputs Flow PRT (RTD) Inputs HART (P188) Module

dc coupled, opto-isolated, 0 to 10 kHz

Dual pulse or single pulse train, optoisolated 4-wire only connection using Pt 100 transducers, opto-isolated. 12 channels. Each channel can be configured for point-point or multidrop communications. 20 to 32 Vdc, 30 Vdc nominal, 48 W maximum

Supply Voltage

Metering panel CP-001

(Front View)
Supply Indicating Lamps

FC 1880,1890

Eth. Port

2350A Controller

Metering panel CP-001

(Right View)
Sockets DI,AI barrires

FO to Eth Converter Relays

Metering panel CP-001

(Left View)

Ethernet Switch

S/E converters

Power Supply

PLC Panel

Series 90-30 Pow Supp


Genius Bus Control Comm. For GSPL,DCs

Modbus Master SM for FC,GC


Loop Drawing (PT,TT-1880)

Loop Drawing (FT-1880)

Loop Drawing (ZSH,ZSL-1880)

Loop Drawing (ZSH,ZSL-1880)

Loop Drawing (SOV-1880)

Loop Drawing (SOV-1881)

HMI (Proficy iFIX)

Daily Report Sample