Document and Voice Examination

Document Examination

Document Anal ysis

When you look at a document what is included? Handwr itting Handwr itting Handwr itting Handwr itting Paper Used Paper Used Paper Used Paper Used Document Anal ysis Document Document Document Anal ysis Anal ysis Anal ysis Erasers Erasers Erasers Ink used Ink used Ink used Ink used .DO NOW.

Handwriting .

1. and grammar . connections. • the thickness of the line as a result of the type of writing instrument used • the pressure exerted while writing b. angles. alignment. formatting. The content. • including spacing. curves and The line quality. The form of the handwriting • such as the shapes of the letters and their slant. and unique punctuation c. The arrangement on the page. punctuation. Handwriting a. • including the spelling. phrasing.

• what the paper is made of • what additives have been used *whether watermarks are present *whether surface treatments • By analyzing the paper. .Addition analysis of handwriting 2. scientists can often tell how old a document is. Paper used. have been used. Analyze the ink • to help figure out what kind of pen was used to write the document – heat or resins. 3.

Ink .When analyzing a document also look for? • Alterations of Documentation – Overwriting – Erasures or crossing out – Indented writings • Latent Fingerprints. fibers. watermarks. DNA.

.Handwritten documents famous cases Forgery • Clifford Irving’s – claiming to be Howard Hughes in his autobiography • Frank Abagnale Jr. questionable ransom note • Kurt Cobain. questionable suicide note . infamous check forger Ransom + Suicide notes: • Charles Lindbergh. Jr. March 1932 Kidnapping • Jonbenet Ramsey.

Hint: Why do authors write notes? .Do Now: Analyze this document and highlight any “General” inconsistencies.

Do Now: Answers Hint: Why do authors write notes? truthful or Deceptive So what do you need .

Standards or Exemplars .

(yes you may provide more then one example. . Be prepared to publically support your analysis.Using the Document Analysis Teams from this week: • Identify 10 out of a possible 14 basic characteristics for comparing handwriting. – – On the data sheet provide the line number and the example.



Character revelations from the handwriting: Using three to four sentences tell me about your favorite:_____ .

Statement Analysis? Statement Analysis is the process of examining a person's words to determine exactly what the person is saying. – discovering additional information within the statement – seeing if the person is withholding any information.Handwriting Analysis vs. Statement Analysis is based on three things: 1. This includes determining: – if the person is being truthful or deceptive. Grammar 3. Research . Definitions 2.

html .statementanalysis.thedenverchannel.If these characters matched why wouldn’t Karr be behind bars? http://www.

html .myhandwriting.Character revelations from the handwriting: • • · • • • • • Great attention to detail: close i-dots Low self-esteem: low t-bar crossing Emotionally distant: all printing and vertical slant In pain: Compressed words In a hurry: printing and frequent pen lifts Sexual frustration: incomplete lower loops Domineering/ excessive need for control: downward t-bars • Provided by: .

html m/ramseynote/ .statementanalysis. ransom note m/language/ http://www.Jonbenet m/news/9727904/detail.

. • Use the natural variations to: – Make a list of top three suspects – Identify which individual is the Forger.Check Forgery • Compare your exemplars to the questioned document/check.

. Writer should be allowed to write sitting comfortably at a desk or a table w/o distractions 2. 1. The suspect should not under any conditions be shown the questioned document or be provided with instructions on how to spell certain words or what punctuation to use.Seven Steps to minimize “conscious” writing effort.

4. • • • • • Same words Phrases Letter combinations NO indication of casing 1 page minimum . The suspect should be furnished a pen and paper similar to those used in the questioned document. Dictated test should be the same as the content of the questioned document.Seven Steps to minimize “conscious” writing effort. 3.

• If So!! Investigators MUST insist upon continued repetitive dictation of text . (for Disguised writing) Noticeable variations will show up in the three. Dictation of the text should take place at least three times. 5.Seven Steps to minimize “conscious” writing effort.

each with a signature. Signature exemplars can be obtained when the suspect is required to combine other writings with a signature. 6. . – Instead of compiling a set of signatures the writer might be asked to fill out completely 20-30 separate checks or receipts.Seven Steps to minimize “conscious” writing effort.

7. a document examiner should be consulted and shown the QUESTIONED SPECIMENS . Before requested exemplars are taken from the subject.Seven Steps to minimize “conscious” writing effort.


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