Company: 3M Industry: Manufacturing Revenue: U.S. $15.

7 Billion Employees: 71,000

Competency Model Database

Leadership Competency Model—3M
Description Fundamental Leadership Competencies* 


Ethics and Integrity   Intellectual Capacity     

Exhibits uncompromising integrity and commitment to 3M’s corporate values, human resource principles and business conduct policies. Builds trust and instills self-confidence through mutually respectful, ongoing communication. Assimilates and synthesizes information rapidly, recognizes the complexity in issues, challenges assumptions, and faces up to reality. Capable of handling multiple, complex, and paradoxical situations. Communicates clearly, concisely, and with appropriate simplicity. Demonstrates resiliency and sound judgment in dealing with business and corporate challenges. Recognizes when a decision must be made and acts in a considered and timely manner. Deals effectively with ambiguity and learns from success and failure. Essential Leadership Competencies**

Maturity and Judgment

Customer Orientation Developing People

    

Works constantly to provide superior value to the 3M customer, making each interaction a positive one. Selects and retains an excellent workforce within an environment that values diversity and respects individuality. Promotes continuous learning and the development of self and others to achieve maximum potential. Gives and seeks open and authentic feedback. Positively affects the behavior of others, motivating them to achieve personal satisfaction and high performance through a sense of purpose and spirit of cooperation. Leads by example. Identifies and successfully generates product, market, and geographic growth opportunities, while consistently delivering positive short-term business results. Continually searches for ways to add value and to position the organization for future success.

Inspiring Others  

Business Health / Results

* Fundamental leadership competencies are those which an individual may possess at the time of hire, but which will develop further as the individual progresses through successive management positions. ** Essential competencies are those that the individual will develop as s/he becomes responsible for a functional unit or department. Source: Corporate Leadership Council, 3M’s Leadership Competency Framework, Washington: Corporate Executive Board (May 2004).
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They enable a leader to look beyond his/her locus of control and add perspective to his/her leadership decisions.Competency Model Database Leadership Competency Model—3M (Continued) Competency Description Visionary Leadership Competencies* Global Perspective Vision and Strategy     Operates from an awareness of 3M’s global markets. Nurturing Innovation      Building Alliances Organizational Agility * Visionary competencies are those which 3M leaders must possess to assume increased levels of responsibility. 3M’s Leadership Competency Framework. Creates and sustains an environment that supports experimentation. capabilities and resources. respects. corporately aligned and engaging all employees in pursuit of a common goal. Influences the future to 3M’s advantage. rewards risk taking. All Rights Reserved. Washington: Corporate Executive Board (May 2004). Utilizes teams intentionally and appropriately. Exerts global leadership and works respectfully in multicultural environments to 3M’s advantage. which generate multiple opportunities for 3M. Knows. Source: Corporate Leadership Council. and challenges the status quo through freedom and openness without judgment. Builds and leverages mutually beneficial relationships and networks. both internal and external. Leads integrated change within a business unit to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Catalog Number: CLC7152344746 . Creates and communicates a customer-focused vision. and leverages 3M’s culture and assets. © 2009 Corporate Executive Board. reinforces curiosity.