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Thank You Volunteers!

“When Keti and I arrived at the

fall orientation at Camp Adams,
we were both surprised and
embarrassed to learn that we
had not packed Keti’s sleeping
bag. From Sally Ann Wells, the
statement to me was ‘no
problem, you go to the parent
orientation and I will find a
sleeping bag for Keti’. And she
did, all was well and Keti had a wonderful time at the
The Richardsons, host family to Ketevan
Andrea Rapp
Volunteers Lori & Jeff Larson
“It was unforgettable memories
about AFS. I’d like to thank all
of the AFS Volunteers in
Oregon. You gave us a warm
welcome and a warm goodbye
and all those feelings are still
with me. Even though we are
now three thousand miles
away. Increase the PEACE
with AFS”

Faten, Thailand 07/08

Volunteers Lynette & Sally Ann
Scream at the Beach 2008.
Volunteers Scream at the
Rymmel & Tedd Lovell Beach 2007
“AFS Volunteers are
probably ones of the
greatest people in this
world, thank you, thank
you so much for dedicate
your time to us ”

Lucia, Spain 08/09

AFS Volunteers…
Maggie Frieske
“Hi everybody. I want to say thank you
to each volunteer of AFS that every year
make possible the experience of all the
exchange students in the whole
WORLD, thank you for the help,
activities and everything, special thank you for the
AFS volunteers in Oregon and Southwest
Washington, thanks for the support, you guys are
doing a great job……THANK YOU…..”

Monica, Costa Rica 08/09

Arrival 2008
Volunteers Bonnie Richardson and Greg Kott
“I would like to thank all the
volunteers of the Columbia
Pacific area for being so nice
and caring. The two
volunteers I admire most
were Bernice and Bonnie.
They were always there for
me and they make my
experience unique.
I love you all, AFS Volunteers

Linda, Italy 06/07
Bernie Gerhardt
Don Sheneberger
“I really appreciate every
volunteer’s hard work who are
trying to make our lives better
here in the US. I will never
forget volunteer Sally Ann’s eyes
(full of tears) when she was
answering the question, why is it
important for her to work as a
Thank you very much!”
Georgia 08/09
Volunteers James & Tami Spears
“Dear AFS Volunteers,
I would like to thank you for
using your time to make our
exchange year a lot easier and
better. It is fun to talk about
what happened during the AFS
weekends and hear your
stories too.


Germany 08/09
Ron Combs
“Meeting you made me realize how
important it is to continue the AFS
experience even when you are back
home. That’s why I’ve decided to
follow your path becoming an AFS
volunteer in my hometown.”

Ottavia from Lecco Italy to the

Stevens Family in SW Portland
“I would like to thank Sally Ann Wells.
She’s been so great and helpful to me
during my American year. Every time I
needed a ride for a special event, she
gave me it. She hosted me at her home
when my host mother was gone and
took me to her church. She dealt with
each issue I might have. She even paid
for the fix of my precious bike. I guess I
can affirm she was my guardian angel in
the US. I thank also every AFS
volunteer in the Northwest area for
taking care of us and making this AFS
experience unforgettable.”
Guillaume, France 07/08
Christy Mueller
Volunteer Debbie Erickson
“My thank you is to Barbara Nordstrom our
Liaison. Thank you Barbara for the time you have
spent with our family helping us to adjust to being
a host family. We jumped into hosting with little
orientation, and you have been patient and
understanding and always easy to talk with. You
and your husband were gracious hosts when you
invited our entire family over to your house. We
are happy we have gotten to know you through

The Eastes Family, host to Killian from German

“It is my great opportunity to
say Thank You very much to

Thailand 07/08
Andrea Johnson
Caren &
Hannah Marre
“My thank you is to Mindy
Thank you Mindy! You
were such a great Liaison.
I’m happy you were my
Liaison. I had wonderful
times with you! Thank you
for everything you did!”

Finland 07/08
Stacey Mills
“My thank you is to Carmen Knox my Liaison.
Carmen was like a second host mom to me. She
was always by my side especially when I had a
hard time. We laughed and we cried together
seriously. I wish her and her family all the best,
love and especially health and hope we’ll stay in
contact. Thank you for everything Carmen!!!”

Germany 07/08
“Dear AFS,
Hi, my name is Akihiro who was one of the
06/07 AFSers from Japan. I received an
e-mail from you and I’d like to post a
comment for the thank you.
I stayed in the city called Lake Oswego with a great family.
My host mom, Amy, looked after me affectionately and
because of the host brother, Sean, I made a lot of friend
there. Also, the host sister, Kate, always cheered me up,
and the host dad, Dave, made me laugh all the time. I
came back to the U.S. after all and I’m going to the
University of Arkansas now. Happy I’m to have met you
all in my life. Lucky man, that’s what I am. Thank you all
ever so much!”
Japan 06/07
“It is a much more wonderful
world to live as an AFSer.
Thank you very much for all
you have done for us!”

Thailand 07

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