Empathic Education

By Sylvia Guinan

A thinker’s Guide To Empathy
Humanising education
Emotional & social Intelligence Multiple Intelligences

Mario Rinvulcri Daniel Goleman

Howard Gardner

Teacher appreciation week
• My way of celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week is to appreciate my fellow teachers. After my own quick introduction to empathy in education, we will introduce two special guests.

Maria Ines Brumana, Teacher, writer, expert on brain-based education and co-author of ‘ELT Goes To The Movies

Andrew Weiler
Author of the soon-to-be published ‘Language Learning Unlocked”

Emotional Intelligence
Know yourself

• Self-awareness for teachers • Recognise your own emotions and feelings • Self-management • Control impulsive feelings and behaviours

Be a role model

Build Rapport

• Social awareness • Behaviour management

Empathy through self-appreciation
• Is self-praise really No praise? •
This is one English expression that comes to mind when I think of the fallacies that prevent us from enjoying our own competencies whether we are students or teachers. • Here is something to help keep professional development alive and selfesteem intact at the same time.

What makes an outstanding Teacher?

What we can learn from children
Here is a true story that illustrates empathy at it’s finest.

• My son Daniel was scheduled to go on the end-of –year trip to Washington,D.C. He and his friends were really looking forward to it. Two nights before the trip the hotel roommate assignments were announced. I listened to hear which of his friends Daniel would be rooming with.

Dangers of over-caring blindly for our own kids
• When I got the information my heart sank. Daniels’ assigned room-mates were an autistic boy and his aide, a man in his early thirties. • My first thought was ‘Daniel is going to get left out of all the cool things he and his buddies were planning. How am I going to break this news to him?’ • I consider myself to be a loving and compassionate person but this was a tough one for me. I was so afraid that Daniel would be disappointed. When I got home I said “ Daniel, they put you in a room with Ricky and his aide. If you are upset I’ll go to the school tomorrow and try to get it changed”

Walk a few steps in someone else’s shoes
• He looked at me quizzically for a moment, not sure if I was kidding him, and then said simply… “They didn’t put me with Ricky; I asked to be with Ricky. • “ I knew that if I wasn’t with him, he’s get left out, and ,you know, it’s his eighth-grade class trip too.

How does empathy help learning?
Simply having fun in class increases levels of rapport, collaboration and engagement.
Maria Ines Brumana will speak to us about brain-based fun with movies in the classroom. Andrew Weiler will speak to us about the deeper issues involved in true learning.

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