Technology and Social Studies

New Pathways Capstone 2013 Dr. Christopher Shamburg New Jersey City University Graduate Program in Educational Technology

Case Study: Paul Revere How do we…
•Improve students’ reading of difficult informational texts?
•Use primary sources of historic documents? •Teach 21st Century skills? •Work in inclusive settings? •Do this with easily available and ‘learnable’ technology?

Paul Revere’s Affidavit, 1783

--Full text and transcription available at the Library of Congress (

Paul Revere’s Affidavit, 1783
[I], PAUL REVERE, of Boston do testify that I was sent to go to Lexington, and inform Mr. Samuel Adams and the Honorable John Hancock Esquire that there was a number of soldiers going to Lexington to destroy the colony stores. I set off, it was then about 11 o'clock, the moon shone bright. I had got almost over Charlestown Common, towards Cambridge, when I saw two officers on horse-back, standing under the shade of a tree. One of them started his horse towards me, the other up the road. I turned my horse short about, and rode upon a full gallop for Mistick Road. He followed me about 300 yards, and finding he could not catch me, returned. I proceeded to Lexington... Audacity

Multimedia and Remix…

Remix means to take cultural artifacts and manipulate them into new kinds of creative blends

Borrow? Modify? Improve? Inspire? Transform?

Some Examples of Contemporary Remix Practices v=-ek9CchVpWE v=dnhKPw2NXIw erMouse-TheGreyAlbum H6wZXPA4 AGdFic

Thomas Friedman on Globalization and Education
Let’s say you work for CNN as a computer specialist. It’s very likely you will be asked to integrate different kinds of content with different kinds of technology platforms. If schools can actually produce people who are good synthesizers, they’re going to be more effective and innovative workers...[Kids] get mash-ups. They do it naturally. And today, he who mashes best will mash most and be wealthiest… The assignment can be: “Mash these two together.” They get mash-ups. They do it naturally. And today, he who mashes best will mash most and be wealthiest.
From School Administrator Retrieved Feb, 2008


Guttenberg’s Printing Press
Wine Press—1st Century AD Chinese Moveable Type –10 Century AD Gutenberg Printing Press— 15th Century AD

“More bricolage than breakthrough”

Design That Matters: The Car Parts Incubator

Steve Jobs



MP3 Player Late 1990s 2001


Remix as a Lens for History and Culture

Remix as a Tool for Teachers

Google Maps &msid=215454646984933465708.00049c59184ae1136341 a

Google Maps, Audio, and Social Studies 1,-74.041672&spn=0.304343,0.441513&iwloc=0000011233457d9bbb507

Multimedia and Remix Unplugged: Tableaux Vivants
In a Tableaux Vivant a group of students pose in a ‘living picture’ of an event or idea. It can be used for, timelines or events or it can be used in more abstract ideas such as the Bill or Rights or the Laws of Motion. The teacher or a student will read the ‘scene’ then freeze. You can take a picture of the tableaux afterwards.
See: Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

Remix to Research
Digital Documentaries Create a Persuasive Video / Send a Video to your Representative

Persuasive Video
Was the United States Justified in dropping the atomic bomb on Japan during WWII? Should the Confederate Flag be banned? Does the constitution support the right for individuals to keep and carry firearms?

Organizer for Digital Storytelling Projects

Assessment Rubric

Movie Trailers

Core Elements of a Trailer
a.k.a ‘ The’ Content a.k.a Source Material a.k.a Primary Source • • • • • • a.k.a Explanation a.k.a Analysis a.k.a A way of organizing and contextualizing the Content, Source Material, or Primary Source

Scenes from the Movie


Brainstorming Trailer: Dred Scott, the Movie
Dred Scott was a slave who appealed to the Supreme Court in 1856 to be freed. Scott’s case was based on the fact that he had lived in states and territories where slavery was illegal. The court ruled that Scott could not be free. The Supreme Court ruled that all blacks, slaves as well as free could never become citizens of the United State. The case and decision brought the plight of slaves to greater national attention and fueled abolitionists.

Trailer Elements
 Compelling Title  Images, Video, Titles  First Line Hook  Narrator Description
Alternating with

 Quotes/Scenes from the Movie (we will use primary sources) Other Elements  Parts of reviews, cast, director, etc…  The ‘Preview has been Approved’ message  Film Company Logo

4-5 lines about the story. Lines the narrator will say
 He was a man yearning for freedom and his family  In a world consumed by slavery  He took his case to the highest court in the land  But some battles need to be lost, so the war can be won.

Write 4-5 lines from primary sources Lines people said or wrote during the time that the ‘characters’ say.
“The Legislation of the Republic is in the hands of this handful of Slaveholders!” “The conspiracy is nearly completed.” “The American Congress has no power to prevent the enslavement of men?” “Compact yourselves together for the struggle which threatens your liberty and will test your manhood!” " want freedom from myself and my family! “ (hypothetical)
Primary Source from The Evening Journal of Albany, New York, March 9, 1857 

Example: Dred Scott, the Movie

• Book • Important Math Concept • Understudied Part of History (e.g. Whiskey Rebellion, the year 1799) • DS Example • Pi Example
For Dred Scott, look here for some starter media

Multimedia and Remix Unplugged: Choral Reading
When language is dense with unfamiliar syntax, such as a primary source, you can organize it into a choral reading and have students work in groups to organize choral readings.

Gold Rush Tutorial —Primary Source

• • • •

Thank you Dr. Christopher Shamburg Educational Technology Department

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