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Veterans helping Veterans

Military Transition Services is a 501 3 public charity. Gifts made are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.

Who is MTS
Started out as a stand down

event in 2011 Developed into a stand down event / job fair Successes led to development of a business plan and recruitment of a board Applied as a legal entity and received 501 c3 status on August 23rd 2012 Held strategic planning retreat Developed a three pillar approach

(MTS) was formed by a group of

concerned business professionals who have a dedicated passion of assisting our homeless, unemployed, separating, and retired military personnel

Who we want to help

Veterans are a powerful force in their communities. When they have an opportunity to improve their lives, everyone benefits. When they are able to earn an income and control their destiny, they can take care of their families, their children are more likely to finish school, communities thrive through their leadership and our nation is in a better position to prosper economically.





Phase One: Develop Career Services, Staffing and Placement Firm

Provide services to our homeless, unemployed, underemployed and transitioning veterans!
Resume Development Job Search Strategies Interview Coaching

Career Services and Placement Certified Veteran Recruiter Status

Placement / Staffing
Skills Translation
Partner with Manufacturing Institute, National Center for Construction, Center for Energy Workforce Development, Dept of Labor, Chamber of Commerce's and others

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Phase Two: DevelopTransitional Housing f0r the homeless

Obtain property in order to form a transitional housing system for our homeless veterans!
Partner with other Nonprofits, Organizations, Veterans Affairs, Businesses and others to help our veterans overcome issues with
Drug and Alcohol abuse PTSD Legal Medical

Develop Transitional Housing

Provide path in obtaining DD214, legal, medical etc

Train and place our homeless veterans

Success Story!
In 2011 Military Transition Services held a job fair.

As a result of continued follow up and assistance, two homeless veterans have been placed in full time jobs and are now off the street. Still working with one other homeless veteran

Whats next!
Open office in the Greenville

market Form Presidents advisory council Launch Work Keys testing Launch Mentor and Protg Program Finalize Intake Process and Procedures Raise capital to hire full time staff Apply for grants and combined federal campaign Hold fundraising campaign Hold Golfing for Veterans event

Contact Information!
Jhan M Nixon
864-328-7561 713 East Greenville Street Suite D, PMB 205 Anderson, SC 29621
Military Transition Services is a 501 3 public charity. Gifts made are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.