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ITM English VI Unit Report.

Professor: Ing. Omar Mora Briseo Students: Castillo Reyes Jos Guadalupe. Fermn Delgado Roci. Herrera Corral Adn Javier.


In this presentation we show our summary about of the English class, we show how solve different problems in the manufacturing enterprises or at school. We talk about our Estancia I and our classroom.

Relative Clauses

Relative clauses are clauses starting with the relative pronouns who*, that, which, whose, where, when. They are most often used to define or identify the noun that precedes them.

Do you know the girl who started in grade 7 last week? Can I have the pencil that I gave you this morning? A notebook is a computer which can be carried around. I won't eat in a restaurant whose cooks smoke. I want to live in a place where there is lots to do. Yesterday was a day when everything went wrong!

Present Perfect.

Afirmative She has creup like as shake Negative She hasnt creup like as shake Cuestion Has she creup like as shake? Yes, she has No, she has not

Present Perfect Continuous.

Structure Personal Pronouns + has/have + been+verb + ing+ complemet Example: He has been seeking the girl ideal Negative He hasnt been seeking the girl ideal

Cuestion Has he been seeking the girl ideal ? Yes, she has No, she has not

Past Perfect
Structure Personal Pronouns + had + verb past participle + complemet Example: You had studied English before you moved to New York. Negative You hadnt studied English before you moved to New York

Cuestion Had you studied English before you moved to New York?

Modal Perfects

Modal verb+ have + past participle

That students develop documents using a language technical and grammatical resources, performing documents for engineering.

This Presentation contains the report of ESTANCIAS belonging at fourquarter, wich was made in Tecnologa Autoelectrnica de Durango.

In the maintenance department JB / EMD is a problem which arises within the whole department, which is that there is no standard for performing preventive maintenance, also like the lack of a format that describes the way to perform the actions to take and collecting compliance data points marked by the format.

Checklist formats facilitate the maintenance technician how to perform the actions that include preventive maintenance, in addition to providing the supervisor control and this in turn to the administrator of the department since so can detect the lack of realization of a point or activity and the reason for this.

Due to the large amount of information that is generated in the factory because has a lot of machines. We only talk about a little part of the Senju Soldier 580 JB. This is called Pallet.

The pallet is a part which holds a electronic component to be welded after, this piece has a lot of the problems because it is sprayed with flux and subjected to heat and weld, besides this the operator press too hard.

Solution to the problem.

We present the next solution to the problem using a 5 s and other skills obtained in the university. Is a work instruction. After performing the cleaning of flux existing in the pallet: 1. Ensure that all bolts pin is in good condition and complete according to Table 1.




Type of tip

































Table 1

Figure 1

2. Verify the washers that has spikes, incorrect springs and spacers according to Table 1 and Figure 2, and verify that they are good conditions as follows with respect to the springs exert pressure to validate the springing, with regard to the collars, ends and spacers are visually verified sure do not have any abnormalities such as fractures and folds.

Figure 2

3. Check the hinges are properly fixed himself that all parts are in place that the screws are complete, the screw to have its butt from turning 180 degrees. (as shown in Figure 3) that the lower hinge post screws are located as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 3

Figure 4

4. Verify that the clasp leaning close properly with the template to exert the pressure required for proper inspection of closure must be exerted a pull up so that it is found that not only opens as shown in Figure 5. Also the snap count on your complete mechanism and in good condition.

Figure 5

5. Perform calibration pin height <supported with template and Document <TAD-AV-EE-26-22> and write information on attached form. Carried out on a calibrated bernier.

Figure 6

6. Check the pallet physically validating that the four metal corners are in good condition (not battered, bent and have the 4 screws securely fastened) that the sensor bar is not bending any and busbar support is correctly aligned , should be necessary to place urethane rubber filler (in the busbar holder).

Figure 7

Figure 8

Finally we present a format for Checklist.

What is the problem?

Here at the university there is a problem with the property of the university because it is degrading slowly and not given proper use of things.

The problem is that the benches, projectors, chairs are slowly degraded. One of the main problems are projectors and electronic whiteboards are not given proper use.

The chairs are broken down by use wrong such that students have a seat on the moving part.

The projectors are not firm on the roof, so the image moves when they are on.

Another important point is that in every classroom there are electronic boards, but are not connected and only meet the function of a standard whiteboard.

Possible Solutions
For the problem of objects that can be destroyed by students because of its misuse. The students we are responsible and we are also affected by the destruction of school things.

The projector must be installed and calibrated for better maintenance people because they are the ones that installed.

In the case of electronic whiteboards to be installed correctly because that is just wasted capacity. In other carrers like Ambiental" electronic whiteboards are connected. Do not think it's very difficult to connect and also in each classroom there is one computer for connecting the electronic whiteboard.


Have a nice day =)