Scope Definition ARC Enterprise BI

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Roadmap Scope
ARC Analyst Features ARC Dashboard Features ARC Explorer Features ARC Report Designer Features ARC Personalization Features

ARC Mobile Features
ARC Office Integration Features ARC Migration Features ARC Profiling Features
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ARC Installation Features

ARC Mobile Features
• Purpose • Feature Functionalities • Technological Consideration • Proposed ARC Mobile Architecture • Supported ARC Mobile devices

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ARC Mobile Features - Purpose
• Purpose
 ARC Enterprise Business Intelligence Suite helps Retailers to analyze their business data in multiform, the wireless interfacing of ARC Mobile helps various top notch users of ARC Enterprise BI Suite like CEO, CFO, CIO & various merchandisers to overcome the accessibility issues by enabling analytics thru wireless devices such as PDAs, Smart phones.
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ARC Mobile Features Functionalities
• Feature Functionalities
 Support of Rich Mobile Client
▫ ARC Mobile supports Rich Mobile Client which is developed using the state of art J2ME technology and assures Rich Mobile client experience to ARC Mobile users. This assures an optimized user interface experience as the user interface content is not downloaded every time except the business data

 Support of Authentication and Authorization Policies
▫ ARC Mobile adheres to the ARC Enterprise authentication and authorization policies. It also allows the ARC Mobile user to store the authentication details locally in their Mobile devices in an encrypted format so that they do not type in the authentication details every time for ease of use

 Support of Security Policies
▫ ARC Mobile complies with the ARC Enterprise security policies like Module, KPI, Dashboard, Role management, Data security for the logged in ARC Mobile user

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ARC Mobile Features Functionalities
 Accessibility Support of Module, KPI
▫ ARC Mobile supports intuitive navigation interface for module, KPI Group and KPI Navigation like tabbed view pans and etc

 Preconfigured Default Dashboards
▫ ARC Mobile supports intuitive preconfigured role based Dashboards configured as per ARC Enterprise ▫ Ability to quickly isolate on any components of Dashboard like Chat/Grid for further analysis

 Data presentation using interactive Charts
▫ ARC Mobile supports multifaceted interactive graphical charts to increase the visualization of data ▫ The out-of-box utilities available to the ARC Mobile Chart components are as follows
– – – – – – – – – Drilldown Drill Across Selection of specific Chart areas for better analysis Zooming effect for better visualization Tool tip viewing thru status/information bar On-demand Refresh for reconciliation Toggle between graphical chart view to grid view and vice versa On the fly support of interchanging between compatible chart types View filter applied on the chart

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ARC Mobile Features Functionalities
 Data presentation using interactive Grids
▫ ▫ ▫ ▫ ▫ ▫ ▫ ▫ ▫ ▫ Support of drilldown Support of drill across Ability to Scroll horizontally and vertically Ability to sort data on any column (toggle support of ascending and descending) Ability to Freeze column or row for easy comparison Ability to change the sequence of the column Ability to resize the column width Ability to perform search operation of grid data Ability to show/hide columns Ability to see exception preconfigured on report

 Support of Alerts using SMS/ e-Mails
▫ Support of configurability to get alerts using SMS ▫ Support of configurability to get alerts also thru e-mails
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ARC Mobile Features Functionalities
 Support of Personalization
▫ ARC Mobile fully complies with the ARC Enterprise personalization features ▫ ARC Mobile allows advanced personalization settings by allowing the ARC Mobile user to dictate whether the personalization changes are to be reflected only in the Mobile profile of the user’s device or also in ARC Enterprise profile

 Support of Marking Favourite
▫ ARC Mobile allows marking of any reports or charts into the favourite list ▫ ARC Mobile also support the feature of viewing the last viewed items (reports/charts)

 Add-on security for data transmission
▫ Support of WSSPL (Web service secured policy language) ▫ Support of data encryption using 128-bit SSL certificate

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ARC Mobile Features Functionalities
 Support of accessibility in disconnect mode
▫ ARC Mobile enables it’s users to access their viewed data in disconnect/offline mode ▫ ARC Mobile allows configurability to store any data either in Mobile’s main device storage area or in media cards (a.k.a. external memory cards)

 Support of Data Synchronization
▫ ARC Mobile allow users to synchronize data with ARC Enterprise Server on-demand or automatically ▫ ARC Mobile allow users to synchronize all data or specific data as per user’s request like certain required reports or charts

 Support of efficient data compression technique
▫ ARC Mobile by default store data in a highly compressed format to boost performance and end-user experience

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ARC Mobile Features Functionalities
 Support of uninterrupted accessibility
▫ ARC Mobile allows users to uninterruptedly analyze data on ARC Mobile Client and simultaneously allow to toggle between other mobile applications and utilities like attending to calls, seeing SMS and etc

 Support of Hot Keys
▫ ARC Mobile allows support for configurability of various hot keys for user flexibility and ease of navigability while using ARC Mobile user interface

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Technological Consideration
• ARC Mobile embraces J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition) for its robustness, flexibility, and support across abundant mobile environment and other embedded devices like mobile phones, smart phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), TV set-top boxes • J2ME comes with out-of-box rich and flexible user interfaces, robust security, built-in network protocols, and support for networked and offline applications that can be downloaded dynamically • Applications based on J2ME are portable across many devices, yet leverage each device's native capabilities • J2ME conforms to Java philosophy of “Compile once, run anywhere” policy
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Technological Consideration
• A Sneak preview of J2ME Architecture and its Components

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Technological Consideration
• Development Environment
 Netbeans IDE 6.0 Netbeans IDE 6.0 is opted as the Integrated development environment for numerous reasons and are as follows
▫ Out-of-box Mobility plug-in for J2ME development ▫ Out-of-box VMD a.k.a., Visual Mobile Designer for designing intuitive and complex mobile user interfaces with drag and drop capability ▫ Support for Device fragmentation issues which allows same code to be ported across multiple devices ▫ Out-of-box Emulator toolkit for simulating across multiple devices ▫ Support of advanced graphics by providing in-built support of SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) ▫ Access to Web services by using the in-built Wireless Connection Bridge ▫ Integrated tools for Unit testing, MIDlet signing, certificate management, automatic code obfuscation, integrated over-the-air (OTA) emulation, push registry emulation, WMA a.k.a., Wireless Messaging API emulation for SMS and Multimedia APIs ▫ Complete control over all the tool using standard Apache Ant scripts

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Technological Consideration
• Use of Open source Tool kit
 Use “J2ME Polish” for advanced build tool and GUI for J2ME applications -  Use “Fire” for lightweight theme GUI engine for J2ME MIDP2 applications - N.B.: Need to carry POC process to conclude the flexibility claimed by these open source libraries

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Proposed ARC Mobile Architecture

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Supported ARC Mobile devices
• PDA/Smart Phone Platform Support
    Windows Mobile OS RIM Blackberry Symbian OS Palm OS

• Devices Support
          Nokia HP iPAQ O2 i-Mate Sony Ericsson Samsung LG BenQ Motorola Any Mobile device that supports Java ME CLDC (a.k.a., Connected Limited Device Configuration) and MIDP (a.k.a., Mobile Information Device Profile)

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