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Rocky Roads

Amber Marie Hewitson

In what ways does your media product use,
develop or challenge forms and conventions of
real media products?
Colour theme: Red, White, Black Colour theme: Orange, White, Black


Kickers and

Barcodes (mine minus the

Front Cover price and issue)
Magazine name

Contents Page

Pull Quotes

Double Page Spread

How does your media product represent
particular social groups?
Social Grade: D
Working class (semi, unskilled manual

The language that is used

is very informal and to the
point. Language
Social Grade: D
Working class (semi, unskilled manual


This language is also informal

and due to its contents obviously
appeals more the boys
What kind of media institution might
distribute your media product and why?

•Almost 26 million UK adults read magazines that

are published by this institution.
•They publish NME magazine and have the third
largest commercial music website with
•IPC’s brands are simply at the heart of the UK’s
cultural life.

•EMAP is a brand that informs, inspires and connects.
•This institution helps millions of people across the world
that work in fields like retail, media and finance by giving
them essential news and access.
•Focus’ on content and product quality.
Who would be the audience for your media

Boys and Girls
Boys – The artists are male and therefore they can
feel they can relate to them and will interested in
what they are saying.
Girls – They would interested if they actually liked
the music the magazine offered otherwise they
would go for the superficial look of the artists.

•The age range of this magazine would be from around 15 years to 30 years.
•This would correlate to the second question
How did you attract/address your audience?

Button on the Front Cover QUIAL

Articles from the

Front Cover

Extra features

What have you learnt about technologies from
the process of constructing this product?

Excel to create the graphs

for my questionnaire

Publisher to create
my mock ups

Mock up of my DPS
Helped me
pick the font
for my

Photoshop helped a lot in the

production of the three pieces.

Blogger helped put my work

Looking back at your preliminary task, what
do you feel you have learnt in the progression
from it to the full product?


•The front cover had minimal pictures
•The front cover had minimal pictures
on it and some of these were
on it and all of these were primary
secondary images as well.
•The colours that have been used on
•The colours that have been used in
this task are bright yellow which is
this task are much more
quite childlike and a bit immature.
sophisticated and so are the fonts
•One main image has been used like
that have been used.
the actual task.