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Concept and Potential for SC

Drew Felty

SC Today
Defense & Aerospace - industries with several SC intersections:
BAE Boeing Eaton General Dynamics General Electric Goodrich Honeywell Lockheed Martin Michelin SAIC SCRA Stevens Aviation

The Aerospace industry in SC includes*:

More than 200 aerospace-related companies More than 23,000 South Carolinians employed Widely distributed throughout the state

The Military has a $15.7 billion annual influence on the SC economy including**:
Direct support by the DoD for eight major military bases The S.C. National Guard More than 900 defense contractors More than 56,000 military retirees

* Published in Jun 2013 by the South Carolina Department of Commerce ** Published in Nov 2012 by the South Carolina Military Base Task Force

SC Today
Defense spending in SC is statewide* SC industry, economy, and infrastructure are growing But the scale isnt too large:
Columbia is the geographic and population center point SC Population of 4.7M is less than Atlanta, GA metro area GSP to CHS ~ 3 hour drive

* Department of Defense FY 2012 spending data from, place of performance - South Carolina

SCDAN Concept
South Carolina is ready for a statewide network that can:
Connect the multiple local and task-specific resources available to our industries

Communicate news, data, and information intersecting SCs Defense & Aerospace community
Provide a forum for SC industry related issues and initiatives

Advocate with local, State, and Federal Government representatives

Enhance and educate the SC workforce Network multiple large and small businesses with individuals for project teaming, collaboration, and overall innovation Support and grow opportunities for South Carolina Veterans

SCDAN Models
Charleston Defense Contractors Association
Formed in 2002, currently ~ 300 members, multiple conferences, focused on issues and opportunities facing the Charleston, South Carolina defense community

South Carolina Department of Commerce

SC Military Base Task Force - assesses impact and makes recommendations for BRAC SC Aerospace Task Force enhances and grows the states aerospace industry

North Carolina Defense Business Association

Founded in 2010, currently ~ 250 members, connects multiple intrastate organizations including: NCMBC business development entity of the North Carolina Community College System NC Military Foundation statewide/non-partisan/nonprofit economic development org Match Force - the States official, free web portal for federal contracting

SCDAN Potential
Support Grow Enhance
Veterans Defense & Aerospace Industry Small Business

Introduce Connect Network


Continuing Education

South Carolina Defense & Aerospace Network


Local Organizations

Local Government

Identify Discuss Collaborate

Economic Development

Federal Government

State Government

Communicate Advocate

SCDAN Potential
Next Steps
Tell anyone and everyone potentially interested in SCDAN Think on how you can help:
Gather potential members Staff a founding board Draft an initial charter

Send me feedback on our potential mission and organization

Drew Felty 864-704-2968

Internet footprint:
InnoVenture webpage created: LINK LinkedIn group created: LINK Facebook site created: Domain names secured: