. . 1977 with an initial capacity of 50 thousand liters per day.e. Vizianagaram and Visakhapatnam are its operational area. Srikakulam. •Visakha Milk Union took conversion to 1995 Model Act as Srivijayavisakha Milk Producers Mutually Aided Cooperative Union Limited. (Visakha Cooperative Dairy) on 08-07-1999.•Visakha Milk union was registered under Co-operative Act in 1973 and Commissioned in the year 27th September. •Visakha Milk Union comprises of 3 districts i.

Profile of product(s)/services The visakha diary products are as follows: Milk Milk products .

and new developments. This helps to understand changes in market and demand forecasting . customer and competitors activities. product.Mission Objective • Visakha Dairy is committed to enhance the milk procurement through Technical inputs by providing Quality services to our member producers by ensuring economic viability to improve socioeconomic conditions of our members • main object is to serve the farmers and to give help to their economical development. and provide Quality Milk & Milk Products to the Consumers strategies • Company collects information for management requirements.

which meet or exceed the expectations of our customers ENVIRONMENT POLICY • Visakha dairy Industries Limited. products and services by specific actions to upgrade the environment. is committed to making a net contribution to the environment by minimizing the impact of its activities. which is basically an integral part of all our activities . SAFETYPOLICY • All of us at visakha dairy dedicate ourselves for maintaining Occupational Safety. a leading producer of milk and milk products.QUALITY POLICY • The Visakha dairy is committed to meet excellence in every activity by each employee in the organization in order to provide products and services.


. Krishi Trust Hospital is situated in a quiet and serene place in Sheelanagar away from the noise and pollution of the city.Krishi Trust Hospital is one of the most well equipped and best Medical Trust Hospitals in the Green City of Visakhapatnam. To give the patient best care round the clock. The Hospital is a 100 bedded modern multi – speciality cum critical care referral hospital. The hospital is fully infrastructured with Hi-Tech equipment of world class quality to provide best medical care.

STRENGTHS: Number one producer in production of milk with in 5 states Absolutely optimistic Extended Shelf Life WEAKNESS: Transportations facility Perishable .

OPPORTUNITIES: Can Expand its business to the Orissa state Constructing a new Plant in West Godavari district THREATS: Competitor .

Advertising on hoardings  Commercial ads Hoardings Exhibition of slides in theatre Posters .

Training programs Group Internships Training methods Class room training Graduate Engineer trainee Programs Workshops Leadership Associate Program (LEAP) Business Management Trainee Programs .



Analyzing the current manpower inventory Making future manpower forecasts Developing employment programs Design training programs .

2011 Milk Pouch Filling Unit – II constructed to accommodate 2. Power Plant capacity 13 MT per day – Capital outlay 7 Crores commissioned in May.The turnover of Visakha Dairy touched 583 crores during the year 2010 – 11 and Equity build up is 135 Crores.5 Lakh Liters Per Day .