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Also called “green benches,” “environmental courts”  Specialized Courts and Judges appointed to resolve environmental disputes


 Oposa

v. Factoran, Jr., G.R. No. 101083, July 30, 1993 (224 SCRA 792) – legal standing of minors to sue in an environmental case  growing number of cases involving violations of forestry laws prompt Supreme Court to issue Administrative Order No. 15-13-93 designating special courts to handle violations of the Forestry Code



Republic Act 8557 - Philippine Judicial Academy (PHILJA) was created as training school for justices, judges, court personnel, lawyers and aspirants to judicial posts
 Offered

the ff. training programs: a. Orientation Program for New Judges – A two-hour course on Introduction to Environmental Law b. Specialized Training – A three-day intensive training using case studies on environmental issues and involving other sectors (prosecutors, environmental law groups, environmental agencies and scientists

representatives of the lower court and the Court Administrator. academics.HISTORY  Feb. 2005  Identification of the challenges and concerns confronting environmental adjudication by a roundtable discussion of environmental law practitioners. and PHILJA .

United Nations Development Programme-Global Environment Facility-Small Grants Programme (UNDP-GEF-SGP) and Haribon Foundation. that the participants revisited the activities since 2001 and underscored the importance of sustaining the momentum propelled by these activities Realization of the need to further crystallize the concept of a Green Bench and explore the strengthening of all pillars of the justice system .HISTORY   2006 (July 21) Roundtable Discussion on Green Benches   with support from the Environmental Cooperation-Asia (ECO-Asia) of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

hosted the Asian Justices Forum on the Environment  (Of the 101 existing Forestry courts.HISTORY  2007 (July) PHILJA. the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and the Supreme Court Project Management Office (PMO). only 45 could then be designated as environmental courts = environmental cases would need to be distributed court-wide and at the appellate level)  Php 35. the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).00 budget for PHILJA programs and activities  . AECEN. in partnership with USAID. the Asia Pacific Jurist Association (APJA).000.000.

Chainsaw Act. comprising first and second level courts. Ecological Solid Waste Management Act.M. NO. Clean Air Act. National Integrated Protected Areas Act. Wildlife Conservation and Protection Act. Toxic Substances and Hazardous Waste Act.A. Marine Pollution Law. and Clean Water Act) .M. Philippine Mining Act. 07-11-12-SC   Resolution dated 20 November 2007. National Caves and Cave Resources Management Act. 07-11-12-SC) designated 117 environmental courts. to handle all types of environmental cases arising from at least fourteen environmental laws : (Revised Forestry Code. No. Indigenous People’s Rights Act. Philippine Fisheries Code. People’s Small-Scale Mining Act. as amended on 22 January 2008 (A.

07-11-12-SC  The Court approved the recommendations made by PHILJA for improved environmental adjudication. and (3) the conduct of capacity building trainings and seminars by PHILJA for the personnel of the environmental courts and appellate courts after their formal designation as such    . namely: (1) the designation of one hundred seventeen (117) courts as environmental courts by assigning all single sala first and second level courts as special courts to hear and decide environmental cases. NO.A.M. (2) the court-wide raffle of all appealed environmental cases in the Court of Appeals.

FACTORS FOR SUCCESSFUL ADVOCACY (a) Judicial leadership  (b) Judicial Education and Training  (c) Strategic Networking  .

23-2008 Designating special courts to hear.HISTORY  2008  Administrative Order No. try and decide environmental cases  Took effect upon its issuance on Jan. 2008  Designation of Special Courts to try and decide violations of environmental laws . 28.

LIST OF COURTS REGIONAL TRIAL COURTS 8. 208. 58. Manila 10. Br. 6. Kaloocan City 13. Pasig City (cases 14. 41. 266. Br. 2. 101. Quezon City 11. 201. 5. originating from Pasig 15. 3. Pasay City 12. Marikina City Br. Malabon City Br. Las Piñas City Br. 4. Br. 1. 152. Pasig City (cases originating from Taguig City) Br. Valenzuela City . Makati City 7. Br. 108. Br. 272. NATIONAL CAPITAL JUDICIAL REGION 1. Br. Parañaque City Br. 171. Muntinlupa City Br. Manila 9. Br.  City) Br. Mandaluyong City 2 Br. 170. 196. 127. 205.

5. Baguio City 17. La Trinidad.LIST OF COURTS FIRST JUDICIAL REGION STATION/BRANCH 16. 47. Br. 12. Urdaneta City  . Br. Benguet 18. 28. Pangasinan 22. Br. 10. Lingayen. 39. Dagupan City. San Fernando City 20. Br. Laoag City 19. 44. Pangasinan 21. Br. Br. Br.

Tuguegarao City 24. Br. Cagayan 25. Isabela 26. Br. 9. 5. Br. 17. Ilagan.LIST OF COURTS SECOND JUDICIAL REGION STATION/BRANCH 23. Aparri. Nueva Vizcaya  . Br. 27. Bayombong.

75. Br. 59. Gapan City 32. Iba. Br. Br. Br. 51. Malolos City 29. 36. Br. Nueva Ecija 31. Balanga City 28. Guagua. 41. 19. 1. 32. Br. 29. Br. Pampanga 33.LIST OF COURTS THIRD JUDICIAL REGION STATION/BRANCH 27. Br. Br. 65. Olongapo City  . Br. Br. City of San Fernando. Cabanatuan City 30. Zambales 37. 69. Angeles City 35. Pampanga 34. Guimba. Tarlac City 36.

Cavite 42. Laguna 43. Antipolo City Br. 70. 60. Puerto Princesa City 3  Br. 32. Cruz. 75. 20. Balayan. Morong Rizal . Rizal Br. 40. 27. STATION/BRANCH 48. 38. Sta. 88. 51. 36. San Mateo. Lucena City Br. 4. Br. Batangas City 49. Br. Br. 71. Br. Br. REGION 47. Br. 78. Calamba City 45. San Pablo City 44. Br. Br. 11. Batangas 50.LIST OF COURTS FOURTH JUDICIAL 46. Cavite City 41. Binangonan. Imus. 39. Rizal Br.

Br. Br. Ligao City 53. Daet. 13.LIST OF COURTS FIFTH JUDICIAL REGION STATION/BRANCH 51. 25. Naga City 55. Tabaco City 54. 38. Camarines Norte  58. 15. Iriga City 57. 53. Br. Masbate City . 32. Sorsogon City Br. Legaspi City 52. 47. Br. 1. Br. Pili. 35. Camarines Sur 56. Br. Br. 59. Br.

Br. San Jose. Bacolod City  . 2. Iloilo City 64.LIST OF COURTS SIXTH JUDICIAL REGION STATION/BRANCH 60. Antique 62. Roxas City 63. Kalibo. 28. Br. 44. Br. Br. Aklan 61. Br. 15. 11.

Cebu City 66. 28. 34. 47. Br. Mandaue City 67. Tagbilaran City  . Br. Dumaguete City 69. 23. Br. 54.LIST OF COURTS SEVENTH JUDICIAL REGION STATION/BRANCH 65. Br. Lapu-Lapu City 68. Br.

29. Catbalogan. Tacloban City 71. Br.LIST OF COURTS EIGHTH JUDICIAL REGION STATION/BRANCH 70. Br. 9. Samar  .

20. Pagadian City  .LIST OF COURTS NINTH JUDICIAL REGION STATION/BRANCH 72. Dipolog City 73. Br. Zamboanga City 74. Br. Br. 8. 16.

Br. Br. Br. 4. 39. Oroquieta City 78. 12. 10.LIST OF COURTS TENTH JUDICIAL REGION STATION/BRANCH 75. Br. Malaybalay City 77. Cagayan de Oro City  . Butuan City 76.

18.LIST OF COURTS ELEVENTH JUDICIAL REGION STATION/BRANCH 79. General Santos City  . Br. 16. Br. Tagum City 80. Digos City 82. Br. Br. Davao City 81. 1. 35.


67. 36. Pasay City 89. Manila 86. Quezon City 88. Br. Br.LIST OF COURTS METROPOLITAN TRIAL COURTS STATION/BRANCH 85. Pasig City  . Br. Br. Br. Br. Manila 87. 3. 70. 49. 8. Br. 48. Kaloocan City 90. Makati City 91.



San Jose del Monte City  . 1. Br. City of San Fernando. Br. Pampanga 5 98. Br. Olongapo City 99. 3. Angeles City 96. Br. 2.LIST OF COURTS THIRD JUDICIAL REGION 95. 1. Br. 1. Cabanatuan City 97.

Br. San Pablo City  .LIST OF COURTS FOURTH JUDICIAL REGION 100. Lipa City 102. Br. 1. Br. 2. Antipolo City 101. 1.

LIST OF COURTS FIFTH JUDICIAL REGION 103. Naga City  . Legaspi City 104. 2. Br. Br. 2.

Br. Roxas City  . Iloilo City 107. Bacolod City 106. Br. Br.LIST OF COURTS SIXTH JUDICIAL REGION 105. 9. 3. 2.

Br.LIST OF COURTS SEVENTH JUDICIAL REGION 108. Tagbilaran City  . Cebu City 109. 1. 3. Br. Br. 7. Mandaue City 110.


LIST OF COURTS TENTH JUDICIAL REGION 112. 2. Br. Ozamis City  . Br. Butuan City 113. Cagayan de Oro City 114. 5. 3. Br.

Davao City 116. 7. 1. Gen Santos City  . Br.LIST OF COURTS ELEVENTH JUDICIAL REGION 115. Br.


COURT GUIDELINES     1. The Special Courts herein designated shall continue to be included in the raffle of cases. In multi sala stations where no branches of the first and second level courts are herein designated to try and decide environmental cases. the cases shall be raffled among the branches thereat which shall try and decide such cases according to existing issuances. 3. Their successors whether permanent or temporary. transfer or detail of the judges appointed/designated to preside over them. 4. 2. dismissal suspension. All single sala first and second level courts are considered special courts for the above purpose. criminal civil and other cases. shall act as Presiding Judges of these Special Court unless the Supreme Court otherwise directs. promotion. The branches thus designated as Special Courts shall continue to perform their functions as such within the purview of this Administrative Order even after the retirement. .

All environmental cases covered by this Order wherein pre trial in case of civil cases has already commenced and when the accused is already arraigned in case of criminal cases shall remain in the branches where they are originally assigned. The transferred environmental cases shall be considered as raffled cases to the Special Courts hence the branch which unloaded the environmental cases shall be assigned newly filed cases to replace the cases removed from said branch.COURT GUIDELINES  5. the cases shall be unloaded to the said Special Court. . otherwise these cases shall be assigned by raffle in case there are two or more designated Special Courts or when there is only one (1) in the station.

At the next raffle. the case shall be forwarded to the pairing judge of the Special Court which originally handled the said case. the Executive Judge shall immediately assign the case to the other Special Court. . the following shall be observed: a. In the event of inhibition of the presiding judge of the Special Courts. the Executive Judge shall immediately assign by raffle to the other Special Courts. b. Where there is only one (1) Special Court in the station. Where there are three (3) or more Special Courts in the station. Where there are two (2) Special Courts in the station. 1974 shall apply.COURT GUIDELINES  6. In case all the Presiding Judges of the other Special Courts are also disqualified or inhibit themselves. If the pairing judge is also disqualified or inhibits himself/herself. the case shall be raffled to the other regular courts. a newly filed case shall be assigned to the disqualified or inhibiting judge to replace the case so removed from his/her court. the pairing system for multi branch stations under Circular No. and c. 7 dated September 23.

If the nearest station is a multi sala branch. the case shall be tried by the assigned judge in the court where the case was originally filed . Where the judge of a single sala RTC is disqualified or inhibits himself/herself. the Executive Judge shall assign the case to the same Special Court in the station. the Order of Inhibition shall be referred to the Executive Judge who shall assign the case by raffle among the judges in his administrative area of supervision. In all instances. the assigned judge shall try and decide the same in the court where it was originally filed. If the presiding judge of the Special Court is disqualified or inhibits himself/herself.COURT GUIDELINES  d. e. Where a judge of a single sala first level court is disqualified or inhibits himself/herself. the case shall be raffled among the judges in the station. the Order of Inhibition shall be referred to the Executive/Presiding Judge of the nearest RTC station. if there is any.

REFERENCES    ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER aper.O.DESIGNATION OF “GREEN BENCHES” IN THE PHILIPPINES: Regional Exchange in Support of Improved Judicial Institutions and Capacity BALLESTEROS .aecen.232008. 23-2008 ort.pdf PHILIPPINE JUDICIAL ACADEMY ANNUAL REPORT 2007 http://philja.pdf CANDELARIA.