Summer Music Festivals

An Analysis and Comparison of Major Music Festivals All Over the USA Joseph Kardos April 14, 2009 ENG 352

Music Festival

an entertainment event featuring a number of musical performers or bands of a certain genre or centered on a theme (Webster's New Millennium™ Dictionary of English,
Preview Edition (v 0.9.7)

 Focus

of Presentation

 To

understand and review various music festivals in the United States in anticipation of attending one over the summer

Music Festival Criteria

Some of the criteria in evaluating each music festival:
Date/Time Location Type of Music Format History Recent Acts Success

Manchester, Tennessee

 

Location: Great Stage Park on a 700 acre farm in Manchester, Tennessee Date: 4-Day Festival in Mid-June Type of Music: indie folk, world music, hip hop, jazz, americana, bluegrass, country music, folk, gospel, reggae, electronica, and other alternative music

  

Bonaroo – "a really good time“ 24-hour festival Venue has:
    

Centeroo What Stage Which Stage This Tent, That Tent, and The Other Tent Comedy Tent Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Phish (2 shows)

Main acts for 2009:
 

Indio, California

Location: Empire Polo Fields in Indio, California  Date: 3-Day Festival in April  Type of Music: alternative rock, hip hop, and Electronic music as well as large sculptural art

Coachella – Valley in Southern California  Desert setting  Doors at 11am, ends at midnight  Main acts for 2009:

Paul McCartney The Killers The Cure

Jersey City, New Jersey

Location: Liberty State Park in Jersey City, New Jersey.  Date: 3-Day Festival in July/August

July 31-August 2

Much like Coachella

“Coachella East”
Run by Goldenvoice/AEG Live events

Same host

Second-year; corrected many issues  Noon-11:30pm  Main acts for 2009:

Beastie Boys Tool Coldplay

Chicago, Illinois

Location: Grant Park, Chicago, Illinois  Date: 3-Day Festival in early/mid August  Type of Music: alternative rock, hip hop, and punk rock bands

 

“Remarkable or wonderful person or thing“ Large lollipop (or "all-day sucker")

Created as farewell tour by Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction

Originally toured around country

More people saw and participated in Lollapalooza than any previous music festival

Ended 1997; revived 2003; Obtained Chicago location in 2005 Acts will be announced April 23, 2009

Austin, Texas

Location: Zilker Park, Austin Texas Date: Annual 3Day Festival in Sept/Oct Type of Music: rock, indie, blues, world/ethnic contemporary and traditional, reggae, eclectic, fusion, electronic, soul, folk/Americana

 

Named after PBS Series Started in 2003 Attracts a crowd of about 65,000 visitors each day Produced by C3 Presents, who co-produces the Lollapalooza Line-up announcement

East Rutherford, NJ

Location: Held in the Giants Stadium Parking Lots, East Rutherford, NJ  Date: 2-Day Festival in early May  May 2-3, 2009  Type of Music: punk, pop-punk, rock

Venue has nine stages  Main acts for 2009:

Fall Out Boy No Doubt

Touring in USA

 

Touring music and extreme sports festival Date: One Day in the Summer

July 17 – Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, NJ July 19 – Monmouth Racetrack

Type of Music: Originally punk rock music, but now features electronica, alternative rock, emo, posthardcore, metalcore and Christian rock bands

 

Bands play for up to 30 minutes over approximately 10 stages, although the biggest bands generally play the two main stages 24-hour festival Tour brings a half pipe for skaters and bikers Developed by Kevin Lyman in 1994, who got the idea while working on skateboarding shows

Touring in USA

 

Location: Great Stage Park on a 700 acre (2.8 km²) farm in Manchester, Tennessee Date: 1-Day Festival Cancelled for this year due to Ozzy recording Type of Music: heavy metal and hard rock

Founded by Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne who organize festival with son Jack Originally created as a 2-day festival in Phoenix, Arizona and Devore, California in October Organized after Lollapalooza refused to let Ozzy join the tour Reduced to one-day event in 2008 at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco, TX Known in New Jersey for arrest of 83 attendees, most of them underage and arrested prior to 8:00 and death of 2 men due to overdose of alcohol and energy drinks

Austin, Texas

 

Location: Austin, Texas Date: Each of three parts runs relatively independently, with different start and end dates Music festival as well as a film and interactive conference

First began in 1987 1,400 performers playing dozens of venues around Austin over four days
Highest revenueproducing special event for the Austin economy, with an estimated

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