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According to Stephen P Robbins and David A Decenzo, HRM is A process consisting of acquisition,development,motivation,and maintenance of human resources.

It also means viewing people as Social Capital. Right placement of men and women in the right jobs is essential for effective human resource management. Simply placement is not enough, their development and maintenance, providing ample opportunities for their career advancement and providing timely counseling is important.


Human Resources are the most vital and crucial resources. Management is considered as a distinct process of planning,organising,actuating and controlling This process involves working with Human beings. You can buy technology,informations,materials and machines but the men and women with knowledge are to be nurtured, they are to be persuaded to join or remain with the organisation.

Knowledge possessed by the people is vital for the survival of the organization.

Knowledge enhances personal traits as creativity, skills, innovativeness, art of making choices, open mindedness, commitment to work, intelligence and togetherness. Human resource management envisages the human approach towards the people at work. Therefore, managers at all levels must perform the job of a human resource manager.


The prosperity and growth of an industrial enterprise depends on Human Resources.

Human Resource Development should be a part and parcel of any organization. HRD is the center point of HRM. Ignoring HRD may face a punishment in the form of low quality, low productivity, human resource unrest ..

HRD keeps organization ahead with people systems. There should be manpower restructuring in the enterprise and motivating their employees and boosting up the morale and human behavior aspects must be given top priority. The Human Resources differ in their capabilities,knowledge,skills and ability to acquire knowledge. So they are like the pieces of jigsaw,

They should be put up at their proper places to give a resounding shape to their organization. It is up to the manager who should be competent enough to realize the importance of every personnel working under him. An effective system of performance appraisal and salary and wage structure will increase the efficiency.


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Integrating organisational planning with human resources requirement. Human Resource planning. Acquisition of human resources Managing performance. Motivation. Training and Development. Compensation and benefits. Health and safety provisions. Organization development Encouraging participation in management. Safety and health provisions.


HRD becomes easier if the work force follows these guidelines.



If youre offered a seat on a rocket ship, dont ask what seat. career growth. It doesnt make sense in a less hierarchical world. Climbing career ladder is not the saga in todays age. Go down a level to start a new field which is of your interest, look for oppurtunities,look for growth, look for impact, look for mission. Build your skills not your resumes. Evaluate what you can do not the title they are going to give you.

4. Leadership. Traditional Structures are breaking down, leadership has to evolve as well. From hierarchy to shared responsibility from command and control to listening and guiding.

Time has gone by where youll not be able to rely on what you are on the degree you hold..but you have to rely on what you know..

Your strength will come from building trust and earning respect.

Leaders need to speak and hear the truth.

As you graduate today..ask yourself. how will you lead.. Will you use simple and clear language? Will you seek honesty? When you get honesty back will you react with anger or with gratitude?