Journ ey of Wond er


Ummee Fatihah Azih

Once upon a time, there were many animals lived in the jungle. There were deer, birds, rabbits, mouse and skunks. All the animals were living peacefully.

One day, the birds were chipping happiest song. They were announcing the birth of a special fawn named Bambi.

He was the Young Prince of the Forest.

All the woodland animals gathered around to observe Bambi.

Later, Bambi learned to do many things. He met new friends Thumper, the rabbit and Flower, the skunk. He also learned to talk.

The next day, Bambi's mother took him to visit the meadow. It was a wonderful place but it also can be a very dangerous place.

His mother reminded him to be careful when he approached the meadow.

In the meadow, he met and played with another fawn, Faline. Soon, a large herd of buck arrived.

The Great Prince of the Forest stopped to look at Bambi and then walked away. He returned quickly though, to warn that Man was nearby, and the deer raced off to the sound of a gunshot.

Autumn arrived. Time passed by and Bambi woke up to discover snow on the ground. His best friend, Thumper appeared and introduced Bambi to ice skating. Bambi can do little but fell.

In the winter, the deer must stripped bark from high in the trees to stave off starvation. Eventually there was none within reach.

"I'm awfully hungry," Bambi told his mother. "Yes," she replied, "I know."

Then they went to the meadow and found a patch of new grass. Suddenly, as they were eating, his mother sensed that Man was near and warned Bambi to run and not to look back.

A shot rang out. Bambi reached safely, but he could not find his mother and wandered off in a snowstorm looking for her.

His father appeared and told him, "Your mother can't be with you anymore."

Bambi had grown up. Now, he was a buck. He fell in love with the beautiful Faline. He won her after fighting with another buck, Ronno.

Some time later, The Great Prince of the Forest appeared to announce the arrival of Man and warned him to safe himself but Bambi must first found Faline who was being chased by a pack of hunting dogs. He saved her, but as he leaped to safety Bambi was shot.

Meanwhile, the hunters' campfire escaped and quickly became a major forest fire.

The Great Prince of the Forest appeared beside the fallen Bambi and urged him to get up, despite his wound.

After a great effort Bambi rise and they flee to safety on an island, where Bambi and Faline were reunited.

Spring arrived again. Green leaves, green grasses, and wild flowers began to cover up some of the damage the fire had done.

Once again, all the woodland animals gathered to see the new fawns. Faline gave birth to twins. They were cuddled next to their mother.

There was Bambi, looking down proudly at the top of the hill as his father did at his own birth. His chest was puffed out, and he was standing there as proud as he could be.

He was not only a new father, but now Bambi was the new Prince of the Forest. They lived happily ever after.

The End

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