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Group Members

Syeda Maliha Mehbooob Syeda Anam Mehboob Waleed Fazal M.Faizan Ashraf Abdul Nasir Enam Fahad Yaqoob

Communication skills & Training


Introduction of Communication skills

Training Session Speaking Visual image


Communication Skills

Communication is a series of experience of



Seeing Touch


Communication Skills
Communication skills is the ability to use language (receptive) and express (expressive) information.
Effective communication skills are a critical element in your career and personal lives.

Communication Goals
To change behavior To get action To ensure understanding To persuade

To get and give information

Most Common Ways to Communicate

Speaking Writing Visual Image

Body Language

Types of Communication

On the basis of organization relationship

Formal Informal

On the basis of Flow

Vertical Crosswise/Diagonal Horizontal

On the basis of Expression

Oral Written Gesture

The Communication Process


Barrier SENDER (encodes) RECEIVER (decodes)



Barriers to Communication

Semantic Barriers Emotional Or Psychological Barriers Organizational Barriers Barriers in Superiors

Semantic Barriers

Symbols with different meaning Badly expressed message Faulty translation Unclarified assumption Specialists language

Emotional Or Psychological Barriers

Premature evolution Inattention Loss of transmission & poor retention Undue reliance on the written word Distrust of communication Failure to communicate

Organization Barriers

Organizational policy Organization rules & regulation Status relation Complexity in organization

Personal Barriers

Barriers in Superior
Attitude of Superior Fear of challenge of authority Lack of time Lack of awareness

Barriers in Subordinates
Unwillingness to communicate Lack of proper incentive

We need to improve communication... as

70 % of our communication efforts are: misunderstood misinterpreted rejected distorted or not heard

6 people talking in a 2 people conversation!!

Hearing Vs Listening
Hearing Physical process, natural, passive

Listening Physical as well as mental process, active, learned process, a skill

What makes a good communicator?





Tips to good communication skills

Maintain eye contact with the audience Body awareness Gestures and expressions Convey one's thoughts Practice effective communication skills

Training Session 1

Speaking Selection of participants Rapid fire Q&A Time duration 30 sec

Training Session 2

Visual image Selection of participants Selection of image Write anything funny Time duration 3 minutes

What does the graphic tell you about this speaker

Two presenter..?

4 Presentation in a week..?

Describe yourself..?

Now you have 3 minutes to write