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Analyzing needs, setting objectives and developing creative strategy


Setting objectives
Objectives must flow from a clear positioning statement What is the one selling point or niche that the advertiser occupies?
Price, convenience, quality, value, etc.

Setting objectives
Objectives must address a communication task
Raise awareness Shape attitudes Enhance recall Motivate action

Setting objectives
Advertising objectives DO NOT address sales goals Sales goals are part of marketing objectives What does the market know about the advertiser? Where is the advertiser on the awareness curve or product life cycle?

Setting objectives

Enhance Recall & Action


Raise Awareness

Setting objectives
Another scheme
Awareness Knowledge Liking Preference Conviction Action

Setting objectives
Objectives must be measurable
What will be communicated To whom By when At what cost

Setting objectives
What will be communicated:
A Communications task
Raise awareness Create understanding Enhance recall Motivate action Others
Build brand preference, build brand loyalty, etc.

Setting objectives
To whom:
The audience defined demographically The audience defined geographically The size of the audience

By when:
Determine the period of advertising Continuous is sustained over a period of time Short bursts or flights to exploit opportunities or to promote special events - pulsing

Setting objectives
At what cost:
How much will it cost to achieve the objectives that have been set? Requires obtaining rates from the media, and calculating the cost of reaching the desired demographic at the frequency necessary

Setting objectives
Our objective is to make 50% of the men and women 21-50 in Zanesville, Ohio aware that Ricks Gun and Liquor Store has the cheapest guns. This objective will be achieved by July 1, at an estimated cost of $10,000.

Setting objectives
Objectives allow the advertiser to measure the effectiveness of advertising Without objectives, one does not know whether advertising is accomplishing anything From advertising objectives will flow strategy Strategy is a plan for achieving the objectives

Setting objectives
From strategy, all creative efforts will flow Once objectives are set, and strategy is determined, then creative work begins Creative begins with stating the copy platform

Setting objectives
based on sales Some percentage of Establishing budget
Percentage of total sales to be invested in advertising Per unit rate
Some percentage of the cost of the item is put into advertising

Task method
How much will it cost to achieve the stated objectives ?

Setting objectives
Establishing budget
What is affordable? Best guess


Creativity is a mental and social process involving the generation of new ideas or concepts, or new associations of the creative mind between existing ideas or concepts, creativity is fueled by the process of either conscious or unconscious insight. An alternative conception of creativeness is that it is simply the act of making something new.



Creativity in Marketing
What We Create Creating Added Value Creativity in
# Advertising # Public Relations # Sales Promotion


How Creativity Enhances Advertising

Creativitys Roles
Inform Persuade Remind Boom

Fact-Based Thinking

Value-Based Thinking


Brainstorming A thinking technique were 6-10 people work together to come up with ideas One persons idea stimulates someone elses

Message Objectives

Perception Cognitive Affective Persuasion Transformation Behaviour

Develop Big Idea

Concept Transformation

Adapt Reverse

Imagine Connect




1. Messages That Drive Perception

Attention and Awareness Interest Memory

2. Messages That Drive Cognition 3. Messages That Touch Emotions 4. Messages That Persuade

Appeals Selling Premises o Benefit o Promise o Reason Why o Unique Selling Proposition Conviction


5. Messages That Transform Product into a Brand - Associations 6. Messages That Drive Action 7. Delivering on the Objectives and Strategies
8.Message Approaches - Straightforward - Demonstration - Comparison - Problem Solution - Humor - Slice of Life - Spokesperson

Formulating Advertising Strategy: The Four Elements

Target Audience

Advertising Message

Product Concept

Communications Media


Formulating Strategy: Writing the Creative Brief

Issues to Consider

Elements of the Brief Objective Statement Support Statement Tone or Brand Character Statement

What? Where? When? How?

Formulating Strategy: Message Strategy

Verbal Nonverbal Technical


Appeals and Execution Style

Advertising Appeals
The approach used to attract the attention of consumers To influence consumer feelings toward a product, service or cause

Execution Style

The way an appeal is turned into an advertising message

The way the message is presented to the consumer 12-28