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Hope Creek Elementary School

Home of the Jr. Bears

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In Fulfillment for Requirements for NELA ELP 554-606 School Budgeting and Finance Instructor: Dr. Shirley H. Arrington

Hope Creek Elementary School

Hope Creek Elementary School

Mission Hope Creek Elementary School provides a nurturing environment committed to achieving excellence.

Common Instructional Framework for HCES

Increase the integration of technology into the core curriculum To assist and provide technology support for staff and students. Increase technology for uses via Nextbook 1:1 initiative

School Statistics

Grades 3-5 80% free/reduced lunch 563 students 27 classroom teachers 1:1 School

1:1 Initiative
Every student and teacher will receive a Nextbook 7 Tablet with 8GB Memory, Google Mobile Services and Protective case Every teacher will receive a Flip Camcorder, 32 GB mini SD, Dry erase boards for implementing Flipped Classrooms All teachers will participate in Technology training through the Friday Institute with ongoing PD provided by school Technology Facilitator

Original Budget Amount

State Instructional Supplies Fund $14,075 Local Instructional Supplies Fund $7,630 Local Copier Services $8,445 School Office Supplies $713 Field Trips $663 Janitorial/Custodial Supplies $3,941 Title I Funds $180,000

Total: $215,467

Budget Amount
2% 2%

State Instructional Supplies Fund 36% Local Instructional Suppplies Fund 60% Principal's Office Supplies

Field Trips

Budget Amount

State/Local Instructional Supplies Fund: $34,091 School Office Supplies: $713 Field Trips: $663 Title I Funds: $180,000 Total: $215,467

Instructional Supplies
State/Local Instructional Supplies Fund: $34,091
$34,091 General Funds
Teacher Allotment Department Allotment Student Incentives PBIS Pro Master Flip Style Camcorder Micro 32GB SD Card White Panel Board Postage

$200 x 27 = $5,400 $3,000 x 5 = $15,000 $1033.47 $39.77 x 27 = $1,073.79 $25.95 x 27 = $700.65 $11.87 x 7 = $83.09 $800

Title 1 Funds


Instructional Technology Facilitator

Retirement Hospitalization Social Security Nextbook 7 Tablet Field Trips Inland Pro Sleeve for Tablet

$3,840.66 $2,875.00 $2,795.53 $69 x 600 = $41,400 $247 $6 x 600 = $3600

Title 1 Funds, Continued

$180,000 Teacher Retirement Hospitalization Social Security Substitutes $30,800 $4,407.48 $5,192 $2356.20 $8,600

Library Books After School Tutoring Services

$1,443.25 $25,000

Title 1 Funds, Continued

$180,000 Food Supplies for Parent Involvement Supplies/Materials for Parent Involvement Pupil Transportation Professional Development $1,500 $1,000 $5,400 $3,000

Copier Services
The districts covers the cost of the copiers and paper.

Field Trips
Each grade level will be given $300 to use toward a field trip The field trips must be arranged in advance and approved by the principal.

Janitorial Supplies and Materials

The countys maintenance department covers the cost of janitorial supplies and materials. Approximately $15,000 allotted for our school size.

School Office Supplies

$713 total
Consumable supply items (paper clips, pens, envelopes, staples, ink cartridges, etc.) Non-consumable supply items (printers, computer hardware, etc.) Ordered by the secretary/bookkeeper Any additional supplies can come out of the schools general funds

Thank You for Your Continued Support for Hope Creek Elementary School