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Sana javaid Profile of co-owners: Muhammad Zeeshan MBA (finance). Gujrata Contact # 0345-6915034 .gujarat Contact # 0332-8330650 (Accounts) Distt.Name of organization: The best groups of colleges. (English) Distt. CO-Owner: Muhammad Zeeshan.. Gujrata Contact # 0346-5809643 Muhammad Akram : M.Sehrish Khalid. Gujarat Contact # 0333-789553456 Sehrish khalid: Sana javaid M. Muhammad Akram.A (Hourns) Distt.B. Distt.Phil.

ethical and religious standers of students. .Mission statement: We will provide quality education on bases of which we will attract the students our first goal will be to achieve our mission successfully “Our motto is to provide professional and quality education at international standers. We are staunchly zealous and fully devoted to improve the moral..

•Multimedia lectures system we will be provided •Description: We are going to provide the following major pogrammes FSC (pre-medical and engineering) ICS.COM.•Services description: We will provide comprehensive and detail information on internet which will be easily accessible information.COM.COM.AFrom university of Gujrat. I. •Online admission. •Online application form submission. M. M. from Gujaranwala board. B.B. . MCS. From Punjab university. . BSC. •Practical exercises of all relevant subjects will be conducted in college.

Pick and droop facilities for girls and boys. Library having 50000 books. Free dispensary. Goal: Our goal is to start the separate campuses for boys and girls and convert this college into university. We will provide scholarships to students those who having 80% and above 85% are totally free. Multimedia lectures. BENEFIT TO CUSTOMER:        Quality education at door-step. .   Objectives: Our primary objective is to provide best results and take positions in board and university.

Organizational Design .

. •Candidate must appear with original documents before the interview committee at the admission. •Fee deposited once will not be refundable except certain cases as suggest by management. •In case of absence or failure in college examination students will not be allowed to appear in final examination of board or university. •A students having less than 90% attendance will not be allowed in final examination board or university.Rules and regulation defined by management: Following rules and regulation will be implemented by the management students are advised to abide by these rules.

.com I.B. •Product(services) •Place •Promotion price Services: We will offer the best available services by utilizing all our B. .Marketing plan Marketing plan of any organization consists on the 4p’s i. We will offer the following programmers’ F.A With that we offer a lot more facilities.

Incentive will be provided to our own students in the form of 50% discount on each program. •Typing course.Seasonality programs: Will offer the seasonal base programs that are regular classes will be following throughout the year and in summer vocation will offers certain programs. •English language course(IELTS) •Improve writing course . •Computer short courses.

Pricing strategies: The prices which will charge will be as Programs Admission fee Security fee 3000/ 2000/ Refundable 3000/ 2000/ Refundable M.B.A 5000/ 3000/ Refundable Tuition fee Lab charges Library fee Transport charges Generator charges 9500/ 2500/ 2000/ 1500/ Adjusted 2500/ 9500/ 2500/ 2000/ 1500/ Adjusted 2500/ 12000/ 2500/ 2000/ 1500/ Adjusted 2500/ 12000/ 2500/ 2000/ 1500/ Adjusted 2500/ 15000/ 2500/ 2000/ 1500/ Adjusted 2500/ Sports charges Total 1000/ 22500/- 1000/ 22500/- 1000/ 25500/- 1000/ 25500/- 1000/ 32500/- .sc 2000/ 1500/ Refundable 2000/ 1500/ Refundable B.

Opinion leaders will be used as a tool to give advices to people on TV channels and tell the peoples about the value of knowledge and also the role of this institution in this field.Promotion &Advertisement strategies The promotion of the college will do through different methods. News paper: Local and national news paper will be used as a source of advertisement. . Cable operator will be contracted for this purpose. TV &Radio channels: Different TV & Radio channels will be used as an advertisement source.

Place: Located at main G.T Road Jada near Punjab College Gujarat . Banners and posters: Banners will be used in the different places in a city to provide the information about the college.Showing best results: Advertisement can be done by providing best results and taking top positions in the board through this process we will attract the maximum students.

Industry analysis In the recant five year the literacy rate in Gujrata has gone up from 43% to 60% which shows that the trend of education grown people like quality education. . Before 3 years. there were only 4 colleges Gujarat city and now there are 13 to 15 private colleges are settled for higher education. In the last 3 years mostly colleges has been taken the affiliation from Punjab University to take competitive advantage from others. Punjab College has realized as a major force in this industry.

Now we will apply all this to analyze our industry. Threat of substitutes Competition among competitors. . Threat of new entry. Michal porter explained the five forces to analyze the industry.Porter five forces model: We have done the analysis of industry by applying the porter five forces model. These forces are Bargaining power of customer Bargaining power of supplier.

Because there are a number of institutions in this industry and having almost similar services if anyone didn’t facilitate the customer or charge more then the customer will switch off. and charge the fees according to the economic conditions and the buying power of the customers. We will provide extra time to the customers in order to satisfy them.Bargaining power of customer: Bargaining power of customer is high in this industry. We will also provide the best services to the customer and will charge according to the services. Strategies Bargaining power of customer: We will provide the better facilities to customers. .

and competitive environment for students. . an also provide best quality education. Strategies: We will provide desirable results with hardworking and devotional strategies. If a supplier fails to satisfy the customers will switch off.Bargaining power of supplier: The bargaining power of supplier is low because there are number are competitor providing almost same services and facilities with little difference. facilities. The parents of student desire good results but if supplier did not meat their desires he will switch to other suppliers. where they can grow their skills and abilities.

Threat of new entry: The threat of new entry is high because there is no restriction from government and also there is environment of education every one wants to get education in innovative style that is people like that the educational institutes which has more facilities affordable cost and most important that it has the practical approach in education. . We will make strong market research on order to know the requirement of customer and we will meat them very well. He can capture the market at any time or any where. Strategies: We have effective and Strong strategies against new entry we will provide education in innovative style with low cost as compare to our facilities. So any one who has huge capital and all these facilities have an open entry in the market.

. Strategies against Threat of substitutes: Using update and innovative strategy for technology. We will update the technology according to market need.Threat of substitutes: Threat of substitute means that the services and facilities that we offering are approximately similar to our competitors. The services and facilities that we offering and they are offering the same but with low quality if they improve their quality they can use as substitute against us in near future.

.Competitor’s analysis According to nature of our business and need and scope of education.A Jinnah college23% Others competitors:7% Wings College Islamic Asian college ILM College Competitor analysis: •Punjab Group of Colleges is our major competitor in Gujarat they provides same services like our business. They contained 33% of market share. following are the our major competitors in this line of business. •Punjab Group of Colleges33 •PICS College of commerce17 •The Superior College20 •M.

100. I00.0000 each. . The owner can draw 15% of their share out of profit 5% of share profit will us as ploughing-back in business and other terms and condition are detailed in contract. Land is arranged on lease with annual installments for 20 years. •Muhammad Akram •Muhammad Zesshan •Sana javaid •Sehrish khalid Initially we have made budget of Rs.0000 and Rs. Finance provided by owners : 10 Lack arrange by the owners through equal contribution of Rs.0000keep as a reserve.100.Financial projections Financial resources: Finance is arrange through equity finance source The finances description are as.

. HR STRATEGIES •Customer oriented approach to retain customer’s loyalty •Restructuring: inclusion of new corporate culture •Retention of critical Human Resource •Motivation of employees RECRUITMENT PROCEDURE The recruitment procedure is as follows: First position or vacancy is announced in the print media through newspapers respectively.. . Candidates are being short-listed. Then applications are scrutinized as per specification in the job description and job specification.

The next step of the recruitment process is the interview.6000 and above : . Last but not the least is the verification of the documents Pay Scales & Opportunities: A according to the information gathered by us is as follows: Employees have good salary as we compare to other Government Organizations employees have less pay if we compare them with other private sector Employees comparable at same designations and jobs.The next step is Test of short-listed candidates. They usually conduct a structured and semi-structured interview for the candidates. Minimum pay RS.

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