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BUS 460 Team D

• Observations • SWOT Analysis • Financial Analysis • Market Analysis • Synergy’s Recommendations • Discussion .Agenda • About Synergy Consulting Services. Inc.

Synergy Consulting Services. Synergy. Members: • Business Analyst – Frank Munoz • Technical and Competitive Analyst – Travis Squyres • Personnel Analyst – Debi Nacionales • Functional Analyst – Roland Severson • Decision Analyst – Lisa Samuels . and intelligence solutions. and joint management of product lines and critical product creation via recommendations. private firms. vertically integrated solutions to US agencies. a privately held women-owned business founded in 1998 is a diverse technology consulting firm providing balanced. We are principally engaged in private firm consulting services focused on technology-based corporations. Our personal technical consulting resources provides a competitive advantage as a consulting firm. Inc. and commercial markets. logistics. Synergy’s deliverables are representative of collaborative solutions that integrate people with processes. cyber security. technologies.

Observations • Leadership – • Organization – • Teams – • Mission. and Vision Statements – • Communication – • Current Technology – . Value.

Observations • Current Financial Health – • Product Structure – • Customer Service – .

CanGo Teamwork Competitive Pricing Top Quality Products Plan Inventory and Shipping issues Inadequate research Lack of training SWOT New product line Global expansion Expansion of customer base/target markets Competition Lack of proper equipment .SWOT Analysis .

Strengths • Strong management / employee unity in decision making • Existing product portfolio offered at competitive pricing • Latest technologies used in web site development offering increased online activity • Market share leadership of gen -Xers and gen-Yers .

Weaknesses • Lack of mission & vision statements to of business preventing preventing effective strategic planning and decision making • Limited target market concentration – Gen-Xers & Gen-Yers • Inefficient processes – picking & shipping • Lack of financial forecasting to support funding of new product offeriings • Lack of focus group for effective planning • Ineffective management – poor employee evaluations • Offering of IPO with current employee pool can jeapoardize day to day operations .

Opportunities • Product portfolio expansion including onling gaming and streaming of videos • Global market expansion including additional sites • Global market expansion by joining partners with product vendors • Demographic expansion to consumers of all ages .

Threats • Competition from similar vendors • Regulations • Economic turmoil can effect sales • Lack of strategic planning • New technology costs .

Recommendations • Leadership to define CanGo vision and mission statements • Strategy planning including ROI and NPV analysis of new product venture • Improve efficiency with an automated strorage and retrieval system platform to increase operating processes • Additional training of management for employee performance evaluations • Human Resources should roll out a new performance appraisal form based on management predetermined objective and subjective measure • Employ outside firm to handle IPO to ensure CanGo is fully staffed to handle day to day business functions • Sell off low dollar products to support costs of future ventures .

000.000.00 Net Income Sales Net Profit Margin .000.00 $51.486.Financial Analysis – Net Income 11% $5.

$5.000. 00 Assets.30% Net Income.000.00 Stockholder Equity. $235. $5.00 0. 2.900.00 .486.00 0.486.90% Earnings (after tax). 00 ROE.Financial Analysis – Net Income ROA. $141. 3.000.

000) Other 13% >40 58% Degree 29% .000-$75.Market Analysis • Current Market Potential – • Estimated $82 Billion Industry by 2017 • • Majority of target market is consumers between the ages of 25-44 Middle Income Families ($35.

com .Market Analysis • Consumer Expectations • Great Graphics • • • Fast Load Times Action Packed Games Saturated Market • Marketing • • • • • Competitors: Blizzard Entertainment EA Games Hasbro Entertainment Amazon.

and personnel to run the online gaming department HR Manager for employee management relations Project Manager to increase profitability of expansion projects Determine what product lines and departments are most lucrative Increase equipment capital and focus on the new product line instead of several • Two executive level positions need to be created • • • • • Audit all enterprises for profitability and waste • R&D for new product lines needed • Mission and Vision Statement needed • CanGo needs to go IPO . software.Strategies & Recommendations • Inventory system must be implemented and equipment purchased for new product line • • • Currently costs $50k in opportunity to carry present inventory RFID system and software package for organization must be implemented New product line (gaming) requires new hardware.

Conclusion • New product lines • Improve Inventory Processes • Improve Technology in workplace • Management changes .

Discussion .