North Carolina Education Cabinet

North Carolina will be the education leader not just in the Southeast or in the nation, but in the world – with every North Carolina graduate earning a place of honor, prosperity and service in our society.

Theory of Action
Globally-Competitive North Carolina Standards

Supports, Incentives & Measurement

Community: Teachers, Parents and Students

Student Achievement

The Five Pathways for NC Education

The Five Pathways for North Carolina Education
Prosperity and Jobs for Graduates An Honorable Career for Teachers and Principals

A Joy of Reading for Every Child
Excellent Innovative Learning Options for Families Cost Effectiveness for Taxpayers

Prosperity and Jobs for Graduates
Talent for North Carolina Business
What we have:
• Governor’s Career and College Pathways for high school graduates • Strong community college and university system • Early College, STEM, and other innovations in K-12 • Business involvement, asking for more prepared workforce

What we need:
• Seamless pathways that break down traditional barriers for student achievement. Replace walls and textbooks with digital online solutions. • Dramatically increase number of Associates and Bachelors degrees • Dramatically increase workforce-approved certificates and degrees • Businesses directly informing the pathways and promising to interview and hire North Carolina graduates at every level

An Honorable Career for Teachers and Principals
What we have:
• Pockets of excellence • Governor’s advocacy for testing relief • Teacher pay among lowest in the nation • Lack of meaningful recognition or rewards for excellence

What we need:
• An opportunity culture for teachers and principals • Fewer and more meaningful assessments that drive and improve classroom practice • Measures of effectiveness based on a variety of measures including student achievement • Innovative, revenue-neutral ways to dramatically increase teacher salaries • Meaningful rewards for our most effective educators • Job embedded supports that value field-based outputs rather than theory-based inputs

A Joy of Reading for Every Child
What we have:
• Governor’s Early Learning/Pre-K Budget recommendations • Smart Start and other early learning legacies • Excellent Public Schools Act

What we need:
• Excellent early education options for all students that result in every North Carolina child reading by end of 3rd grade • Meaningful and reliable measures of literacy progress • Support for teachers to reach this goal

Excellent Innovative Learning Options for Families
What we have:
• Innovation Act • Strong community college and university system • Early College, STEM, and other innovations in K-12 • Growing charter movement

What we need:
• A high quality innovative choice for every family • Policy that supports expansion of high quality charter schools with a focus on excellence and diverse student populations • A digital E-Learning agenda that can be accessed by students from early learning to adulthood • Public-private partnerships that incentivize and reward innovation zones

Cost Effectiveness for Taxpayers
What we have:
• Siloes, with pockets of excellence, but also considerable inefficiencies • A budget process where the education entities from Early Learning to K12 to Community Colleges to UNC often have competing and overlapping interests

What we need:
• Practices and policies that reward and scale the things that work, and eliminate those that do not • Shared budget in the next legislative session for some or even all education initiatives • Ultimately, we should move to establish a zero to 20 system in North Carolina

Work Plan and Schedule
June – September 2013 Cabinet members and Volunteer Work Groups develop concrete policies and expected outcomes for each pathway October 2013 Cabinet members present and approve outcomes and policy recommendations November 2013 – March 2014 Gather public input and support for policies and outcomes from a diverse crosssection of our community April 2014 Finalize goals and objectives for NC education to inform 2014 Legislative Session

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