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By Christine Batten and Ryan Thibodaux

Wolfporia extensa A wood decay fungus Found worldwide Also known as: Hoelen Poria Tuckahoe China Root Indian Bread .

Grows almost entirely underground Most commonly in pine forests Can be up to 20 pounds! .

Traditional Chinese Medicine As a medicinal mushroom Also used as food in China Mixed with rice into cakes By Native Americans As a food source “Indian Bread” By African Slaves in North America As a food source in times of scarcity .

shiitake) .7 g cellulose (fiber) 4. per 100 g: 1.5 g fat 80.g.2 g protein 0.9 g carbohydrate 1.6 ug selenium In line with other mushrooms (e.27 mg vitamin E 12.Macronutrient distribution not clearly established Supplement makers claim.

Na.Abundance of micronutrients is verified K.7mg/g saponins (may lower cholesterol) 64.2mg/g mannitol (a sugar alcohol and diuretic) . Mg. Fe.1mg/g triterpinoids (potential anticancer agent) 4. Mn and Zn Metabolite constitution Dependent on growing location 6.9mg/g of polysaccharide 10.3 mg/g flavonoids (phytochemicals) 28.

Used as an “herb” for thousands of years 9-15g decocted into a tea Extracts sold in pill form Used in numerous herb formulas Combinations of multiple herbs .

Ba Zhen Wan To treat anxiety Bao He San Aids digestion after overeating The “food coma” formula Bao Ji Wan Recovery from excessive alcohol consumption .

“Promotes urination and drains dampness” Acts as a diuretic and relieves water retention “Harmonizes the Middle Jiao” The midsection of the body responsible for digestion “Quiets the heart and calms the spirit” Provides a tranquilizing/calming effect “A superb yin tonic” Aids the body in recovering from general illness .

but… Confirmation that Fu Ling “presents a remarkable diuretic effect. 2012 Significant anti-hyperglycemic effect due to triterpenic acids Blood sugars lowered in diabetic rats Insulin sensitivity increased Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine.Still developing. 2011 .” Journal of Ethnopharmacology.

2012 . 2012 Fu Ling and Cancer May reverse multidrug resistance Triterpenoids increased cytotoxicity in KBV200 (cancer) cells Planta Medica.Three new triterpenoids just discovered! Doubles known number in Fu Ling from 3 to 6 Further research needed… Chemistry Central Journal.

reducing hypertonic stress Japanese Journal of Pharmacology. 1982 A University of Valencia meta-analysis concludes that Fu Ling: Contains effective anti-inflammatory compounds Enhances secretion of immune stimulators/inhibits secretion of immune suppressors Provides antitumor activity by inhibiting angiogenesis Planta Medica.Fu Ling and Renal Disease Effective at decreasing urinary protein loss Inhibits auqaporin channels in the kidneys. 2011 .

No documented adverse side effects have been documented In part due to insufficient human testing Should not be used with antidiuretic drugs Due to Fu Ling’s diuretic properties Pregnant women urged to consult a doctor or licensed herbalist before taking Fu Ling .

Christine Batten & Ryan Thibodaux .