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Multiple activity chart

Activities of more than one item (worker,machine or equipment) are recorded on a time scale to show their relationship Objectives To determine the period of idleness on the part of men and machines To determine the number of machines which an operator should be able to look after

In organising teams of workers on mass production work To determine the number of workers necesssary to perform a job involving team work

Flow diagram
The process charts show only the sequence of activities in a process but does not indicate the path of movement of materials and men on the shop floor The flow diagram can be used to anlyse the movement of materials to study i. the different plant layouts and select optimum layout

ii. Extent of traffic over the different routes of the plant iii.Identify extent of back tracking, cross traffic and obstacles encountered during the movement of material iv.Study the activity relationship between departments/sections/work centres

Steps of flow diagram i. draw to scale the plan of work area ii. Mark the relative position of machines, store and inspection booth iii. From different observations draw the actual movement of materials or the worker on the diagram and indicate direction of movement

Different colours are used to identify different types of movements eg : worker with empty trolley and worker with loaded trolley