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Marketing M.Com (Master of Commerce) 2nd 2012-2014 Department of Commerce KFC Multan

Objective of Study
To Review the Marketing Environment Implementation of Marketing Tools i.e 4ps How KFC use Marketing Segmentation How KFC offer differentiated Product Where KFC stand in Positioning Map Suggest concrete and feasible recommendations to KFC

Mission Statement
Our passion, as a restaurant company, is to put a YUM on peoples faces around the world, SATISFYING CUSTOMERS every time they eat our food and DOING IT BETTER than any other restaurant company. The UNIQUE EATING EXPERIENCE at each of our restaurants MAKE OUR CUTOMER SMILE and inspire their loyalty for lift. Toward that end, our associates around the world re trained to be CUSTOMER MANIACS.


Founder Harland Sanders Born in 1890

1930 Started with Sanders Court & Cafe at a gas station


Altered the cooking process to reduced cooking time

Devised what came to be known as his Original Recipe Contain 11 herbs and spices is still a trade secret



First Television advertisement

Colonel Harland Sanders Passes away

About the Secret KFC Recipe?

Written in pencil on a single sheet of notebook paper and signed by Sanders Kept locked away at the KFC headquarters in Louisville

Only two executives have the key

Company uses different suppliers for their ingredients to keep their recipe a secret

Changes: Red color to make it more vibrant, a Smiling face and a apron

Marketing Environment
Macro Environment

Marketing Environment Cont.

Micro Environment


Competitive Analysis
KFC adopted such sort of strategy that there is no competitor for spicy chicken KFC beats its competitors through the revising marketing strategy at every movement but the main competitor of KFC are Mc Donalds

Competitive Advantage
Spicy Product Pakistani People like spicy food rather than boiled food Arabian Rice and Zinger Burger Free Delivery Chicken is eaten in very community

Mc Donalds
French Fries and Burgers

Big Mac Chargers on Home Delivery Beef is banned is some community

Local stuff and highly qualified because local stuff can better deal with customers KFC uses Top to Bottom and Bottom to Top approach in their Management

Its stuff is consists of simple graduates and give them training

Mc Donalds use Top to Bottom approach in their Management

SWOT Analysis
Strength Goodwill and reputation Employee Loyalty Customer Loyalty Ranks highest among all chicken restaurant chains Finger licking taste

Change in Punch lines

Old Punch line: Taste you'll just love to EAT Have to drop the word EAT

As "Finger licking is considered as unhygienic

SWOT Cont.
Weeknesses Advertisement High Prices Serves only chicken related products Due to huge expansion by growth strategy there is much pressure on HR Department.

SWOT Cont.
Opportunities New Markets Large Youth Population Opening new outlets in different areas of Pakistan Offering new variety of food

SWOT Con.t
THREATS Competitors i.e AFC and Papa Ginos Economical Conditions of Country Recipe is Secret if Stolen then its havoc for KFC

Market Segmentation
Consumer Market Segmentation Market Targeting Market Positioning PRODUCT DIFFERENTIATION

Market Segmentation Cont.

Consumer Market Segmentation Region Based: Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan, Peshawar, Sialkot, Hyderabad and Islamabad.

Positioning Map

Market Segmentation Cont.

Market Targeting Young generations i.e. Youth of Pakistan

Market Positioning

Mc Donalds

Positioning Map

Market Segmentation Cont. Product Line CHICKEN

1 Piece 5 Pieces 10 Pieces

Mighty Zinger Zinger Xtreme Zinger Burger Pizza Twister Chicken Burger Wow Meal New Panini Spicy Sub Rice n Spice Chicky Meal

Market Segmentation Cont.

Product Line Cont.
Nuggets 6 pcs. Nuggets 15 pcs. Regular Fries Large Fries Corn on the Cob Arabian Rice Dinner Roll Hot shots Cheese Regular Drink Scoop of walls Large Drink Mineral Water Reg. Mineral Water Lg. Coffee Tea


Product Differentiation
Features Performance Service Image Personal Atmosphere Symbol

Marketing Strategy
There are 4 Ps of Marketing tools for implementing marketing stragtegy: 1. Product 2. Pricing 3. Promotion 4. Placement

Marketing Strategy Cont.

Anything that be offered to a market for attention, acquisition, use, or consumption that might satisfy a want or need. KFC is specially dealing in the chicken products.

Product List of KFC Zinger Xtreme Mighty Zinger Zinger Burger Pizza Twister Chicken Burger

Wow Meal New Panini Spicy Sub Rice n Spice Chicky Meal

Marketing Strategy Cont.

KFC prices of products are a bit high according to the market segment and it is also compatible to the standard of their products. Pricing at KFC Zinger Xtreme Mighty Zinger Zinger Burger Pizza Twister Chicken Burger Rs.320 Rs.380 Rs.285 Rs.225 Rs.210 Wow Meal Value Burger Rice n Spice Chicky Meal Rs.555 Rs.200 Rs.240 Rs.325

Marketing Strategy Cont.

Promotion KFC always advertisement what they deliver actually to the customer KFC introduced their goods like watches, keychain, etc to the customers for sales promotions.

Placement In the case of the KFC the placement of the product is not important because KFC having strong vision about if they opened KFC on any place then customer would be on that location But the placement of the restaurant is important.

Creative Marketing

Filling potholes and stamping the fresh pavement with "Re-freshed by KFC

Brand Development
An idea for a new product or service, and only the brand name still needs to be devised Introducing new brand in KFC Brown Cake
After reviewing the current situation of Brownies having low sales turn over. We suggest new Brown Cake concept as sweet meal in KFC.