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Group Members: Anshid A Jeffin Sethi Nasrul Ameen Ramees Teena Susan Mathew

 This allows diners to view images & description of menu items and customise their order in a simple way. .  ALTIDO uses the ANDROID based tablet.Over View  ALTIDO is an interactive touch screen menu designed specifically for the restaurant and hotel industries. in replacement of a paper-based menu.

 Generate reports about the sales .  Easy food selection by attractive visuals.  Onscreen ordering.Features  Easy to use interactive digital menu  Item details.  Display the hot offers of the day with a separate icon in the menu. calorie count. preparation time & more. bill item and prices. ingredients.

 View details for Item.  Clearly see the restaurant specials/promotions on the screen. calorie and preparation time.  Onscreen ordering.  Eliminate waiting & reduced service time.  Easy food selection by attractive visuals. item image.Customer Benefits  Easy to use interactive digital menu. ingredients. . bill item and prices.

.  Promote favourite dishes leading to up-selling.  Optimized manpower & eliminated human errors.Owners Benefit  Optimized customer dining experience.  Increased sales by attractive food visuals.  Strengthen brand image and customer loyalty.

retail and e-governance.  Faisal Kawoosa. said. "During 2Q 2012.4 percent of tablet sales were from new entrants in the market with a strong focus on addressing application areas in the Education healthcare.55 million units in Q2 2012 (Quarter ended June 30.Industry Overview  According to the Cyber Media research. Lead Analyst. 47. CMR Telecoms Practice. the tablet market recorded sales of 0.” . 2012).

.  The data from tripadvisor website. there are around 715 hotels in Kerala.  In Cochin itself there are 189 multi cusine restaurants. The hotel industry in India is going through an interesting phase.

Technology  works wirelessly on a secure intranet through our installed onsite server and can operate in any size restaurant and hotels. .  The software is used to edit the menu and also used to take orders with out a waiter.

Offer tab to customer Customer browse and select the item Food is served Customer view the selected items & place the order Order goes to kitchen .

.  We sells the product through sales executive.  As a first step we target only in Kerala.Market Plan  Our target customers are star hotels and multi cuisine restaurant chains.

Rs. 60000/. 99000/   4 tabs Rs.( one tab Rs.for POS software. 25000/.for touch screen.Pricing  In a restaurant with minimum 4 tab + touch screen in kitchen (19/21 inch) + pos software cost Rs. 14000/. . 15000 ) Rs.

Promotion  All are new to this system we give a demo of this at interested restaurants. .  We give a discounted price for the restaurant chains.

200000 ( 20 nos) Purchase of touch screen .Startup Expense  Estimated startup expense as follows:      Website - Rs. 100000 Others .15.50000   Advertisement and promotion – Rs. 5. 15000 Initial purchase tab .000 .Rs .Rs.Rs 30000 TOTAL - Rs. 50000 Legal expense (registration.Rs.Rs. trade mark etc) . 70000 (5) Software Production .