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Basic Surgical Skill

Biran Affandi
Indonesian College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists Kolegium Obstetri & Ginekologi Indonesia

The Charter of The Royal College of Surgeons of England (l800) ‘The object of the College is the promotion of the Art and Science of Surgery and the promotion and encouragement of the study and practice of the said Art and Science’. .

Two of the main functions of the College 1.To maintain the standards of surgery .To supervise and monitor the standards of training 2.

The aim of surgical training is to produce fully trained and educated surgeons who will be equipped to deal with the requirements of the 21st century and who can adapt to rapidly changing demands in the medical environment .

assess and certify' the ability of trainees to use safe and sound surgical techniques that are common to all forms of surgery .Basic Surgical Skills (BSS) Course Objective To introduce surgical trainees to safe surgical practice within a controlled workshop environment and it aims to 'teach.

Hands-on practice • Individual tuition • Assessment with personal feedback .BSS should be undertaken During the first year of specialty training Format .