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Languages and Fundamentals

Education Plan 2013-2015


Python the Hard Way. Javascript.German. and web development are the key language goals of 2013 German: • Enroll in a German course • Work from home using acquired tools • Focus on grammar and the most common spoken words • Practice Web Development: • Python via Code Academy. Stop at the 100 spoken common words if not making significant progress by spring and switch to the 100 most common French and Spanish words. and Thinking Like a Programmer • HTML. CSS. . web design. Only code to a prototyping level. via code academy • Help from co-workers in tech teams • Practice Supplemental: Review German progress after 3 mo.


Limited Time Economics Psychology Logic & Reasoning Algebra Scientific Method History Probability & Statistics .Learning in 2013-2015 will focus on revisiting the fundamentals of critical subjects. The goal is to reinforce our critical thinking and problem solving foundation.

Key Questions & Review Items Economics: • Determinates of demand • Determinates of supply • Elasticity • Profit maximization (MR=MC) • Marginal analysis • Equilibrium • Porter’s Five Forces • Effect of market interference • Valuation • Aggregate supply • Aggregate demand • Monetary policy basics and tools • Fiscal policy basics and tools • Economic indicators • Financial reporting and analysis Psychology: • The strengths of the mind • The weaknesses of the mind • Common bias’ • Group decision making • Individual decision making • Emotional need • Emotional intelligence • Basics of the brain • Chemicals effects on the brain .

Key Questions & Review Items History: • How to read a book • How to do research • How to interpret • How to critique • How to communicate facts and perspective in writing • How to conclude Logic & Reasoning: • Deductive reasoning & syllogism • Inductive reasoning • Backward induction (context: political strategy) • Eight elements of thought • Nine intellectual standards • Pragmatism review • Epicureanism review • Cyrenacism review • Ethics review .

Key Questions & Review Items Probability and Statistics: • Summary statistics • Inference and hypothesis testing • Gambling odds • Simple and multiple regression • Basic probability rules Algebra: • Simplification • Solving for unknowns • Limits • Rate of change .

Appendix: Reading. Three areas where we can implement our learning are: • Country. Industry. and Analysis The fundamental learning described in the previous slides must be routinely put into action to hone our reasoning and analytical skills. Frameworks. & Company Analysis • Analysis of articles and papers (reasoning assessments) • Forecasting and Post-Mortem Analysis • Prototyping and Planning .