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• is an Arab Internet services company, founded in Amman , Jordan known for being the first Arabic/English email service provider.. Maktoob today has more than 280 employees with offices in Amman, Dubai,Cairo, Riyadh and Kuwait.

• On Aug 25. Yahoo Inc.thus turning Maktoob into Yahoo!'s official arm in the MENA region. announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Maktoob. .

History .

• Maktoob was founded in 1998 by Samih Toukan and Hussam Khoury who were able to introduce a webmail service with Arabic support for emails when no other free email service had such support. .

and simple content channels were upon the first to be developed internally. Chatting. Greeting Cards. Since then. Maktoob diversified its services through both acquisitions and internal development to have close to 40 different channels and services.The initial flourish of Maktoob and its large user base led the company to create several services and content channels for Arab users. many of which were not found previously in Arabic format. .

Maktoob Reasearch an online Research service and Sukar. CashUwas founded to address the issue of electronic payments in the region. .com an Arabic Search as an auctions and marketplace the first and biggest online private shopping club in the Middle East. Souq.• The success of the Maktoob portal drove the company to start new online businesses.

• They also helped users who did not have Arabic keyboard or browsers that support Arabic to send and receive emails by using a virtual keyboard which was done in Java. and using Java applets that had better Arabic support. .

"a dominant online payment option cashU and a strong brand name .2 million buyout deal.• Abraaj Capital acquisition • In June 2005. the UAE-based private equity house Abraaj Capital purchased 40% of the company shares in a USD 5. according to marketing literature. The rationale for such an acquisition (according to Abraaj's website) is that Maktoob has a large user base (claimed to be more than 4 million) and.

com which will benefit from leveraging the large community network.• . . Maktoob has not revealed any net revenue figures. Abraaj sold its share to Tiger Global Management with an Internal rate of return of 75%.In December 2007. It has established the first Arab online auction site souq." So far. although claiming to make a profit for the past few years.

• Yahoo! Maktoob Blog: Arabic Blog Service • Yahoo! Maktoob As7ab Maktoob: The first Arabic Social Networking service • Yahoo! Maktoob News:News Service • Yahoo! Maktoob Research: the Arab world's largest online marketing research business[7] Maktoob-owned sites and services .

• Yahoo! Maktoob Bentelhalal: Marriage portal • Yahoo! Maktoob Travel: Arabic Community Travel Portal • Yahoo! Maktoob Games: Casual Gaming with Arabic support .

Vision & Mission .

communication. . • Maktoob’s mission is to maintain and grow their position as the world’s leading Middle Eastern Internet portal by constantly offering their users a unique experience and by providing them with new services and products that encourage open communications and community building. content and ecommerce services and solutions for the local and international markets.• Maktoob’s vision is to lead the Middle Eastern Internet world in providing innovative and leading edge community.

• Revenue Model .


so valuing it at $13 million in January 2005.5 million users in 2004. meanwhile. . • As for the valuation.9 million in 2001 to $3.2 million for %40 of the company.• According to data obtained by DubaiBeat. has paid $5. we can see Abraaj Capital. a Dubai-based private equity has grown from 1 million users in 2001 to 3. Maktoob's revenue has grown from $0. The community users.5 million in 2005.

Traffic Trend .

Advertising .

• Online ad spend for the region is currently only 2% of total advertising spend for the entire region. Bartz noted that the region is host to the fastest growing advertising market in the world.. with average year-on-year growth in digital spending around 25-30%. . • However. By way of comparison. with 40% market share. online spend in France is around 15% and in the UK it’s 25%. Yahoo! Maktoob is the number one in the Middle East and North Africa for display advertising.

Art.• We envision the online ad market in MENA to reach at least 5-7% of the total ad market by 2015. “And with our strong agency and client relationships – along with our leadership in Science. and Scale – I am confident we’ll be there to deliver the benefits.” .” said Bartz.