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Organization Development & Employee Management

Introduce yourself please..

Your Expectations & Concerns

This is the Mindset

Teach you, and you will forget

KO N7 3 3 0 5 4 .6 7

1 3 -J A N-8 3


Show you, and you may remember Involve you, and you will understand Encourage you to share, and you will retain

Your participation is the key element

Participation Adding ideas Listening No personal attacks

Timeliness - be here now!

Cell phones off or on silent mode

One person talk at a time


OD is an approach to the implementation of planned change to an organization that concentrates primarily on employee behavior and organizational relationships involved in the change.

Evolution of OD

Talent Management

Human Capital

Human Resources



Organization Development

Organization Development & Employee Management

Employee Management

The Old Reality

People need companies
Machines, capital and geography are the competitive advantages Better talent makes some difference

The New Reality

Companies need people
Talented people are the competitive advantage
Better talent makes huge difference

Jobs are scarce

Employees are loyal
People accept the standard package they are offered

Talented people are scarce

People are mobile & their commitment is short term

People demand much more

OD, HR & Training

Organizational Strategy

Training & Development

Organization Development

OD Myths

Anyone can do OD

OD is full of fads

OD is ODs Job

OD deals with the soft side of business

OD is a policy police

Orgaznitional Development v/s Organization Development

The Five Stems of OD Practice

Laboratory Training

Action Research/Survey Feedback Current OD Practice

Normative Approaches

Class Assignment

Quality of Work Life

Strategic Change

Purpose of OD Fortune Organizations

Leadership Development: Defining leadership model, and skill sets; design and conduct training such as coaching and recognition seminars Learning and Development: Design of job competency maps and developmental materials/ programs Organizational Capability: Matching people skills with strategic direction and planning for development of capabilities

Assessments: Performance review process and assessment tool design; Development coaching to maximize application of feedback
Team Building: Defining culture and value structure; Personality testing; Issue focused team workshops; General team building Communication and Change Management: Partnering with Project Managers and PMOs to provide Stakeholder Engagement Organizational Design: Providing strategic expertise to assure the most effective talent structure to support service and innovation capabilities

OD Methodology

OD Toolkit

OD in Pakistan - Success or Failure