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By: Suzanne Smith CIED 7601

What is digital etiquette?

Think of an example of digital etiquette and be prepared to share your answer.

Digital Etiquette: electronic standards of conduct or procedure. one of the most pressing problems when dealing with Digital Citizenship. Use of technology before learning digital etiquette May feel uncomfortable talking about digital etiquette. Creating rules and policy is effective by itself

NETS-5 Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership: Teachers continuously improve their professional practice, model lifelong learning, and exhibit leadership in their school and professional community by promoting and demonstrating the effective use of digital tools and resources. (

Quite simply, "netiquette" is Internet etiquette - the informal rules of behavior to be followed when using the Internet.
How to Follow Proper Netiquette Rules

Be prepared to give at least 2 examples of netiquette discussed in the video and to share your thoughts on Netiquette.

Ann and Beth are both teachers at ABC Elementary and are attending grad school. They are working on a grad school project, and the deadline is fast approaching. While the students are busy working on their warmups, Ann sends Beth a text to see if she could email her the data from their grad school research project so that she could post it to their online discussion board.

A 4th grade teacher is excited to implement Edmodo in her classroom. She gives her students the group code and tells them how to sign in. They immediately begin communicating through Edmodo but have not been instructed on the rules or responsibilities of the social networking site.

The Abercorn Middle School has recently adopted a Bring Your Own Electronics program at their school. The teachers work with the students to help them understand all rules and responsibilities involved in bringing electronics to school and using them in the classroom. Training and documentation are implemented.

Netiquette Rules for Teachers Activity

You will have 2 minutes to read Netiquette Rules for Teachers. Think about what rules are the most important and why. Place your response in the chat box after you complete your reading. .html.

Minimizing negative effects on others Using technology when contextually appropriate Respecting others online: cyberbullying, flaming, inflammatory language

What are some ways in which educators can promote digital etiquette?

Modeling digital etiquette Providing instruction

Digital Etiquette BrainPop

Digital Etiquette for Kids

How well do you model digital etiquette?

Brainstorm learning activities that you could use in your classroom to teach digital etiquette. Send this to me by next Monday through our course email. Complete self-reflection.

Thank you for your participation tonight!! Please do not forget to complete the workshop activities. Remember you can email me at

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