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. Operational and maintenance ease.CRITERIA FOR ASSESSMENT OF POWER PLANT OPERATION • • • • • • Heat rate Availability and reliability. On line health assessment Meeting of social responsibility and statutory norms. Auxiliary load consumption and losses.

. boiler efficiency) • Un-burnt coal quantity. e.POWER PLANT OPERATION Power plant performance – •Plant Heat rate ( in kcal/kwhr) •Cost of generation in /Unit •Hot well make up ( to account for leakages) •Boiler performance (i. •Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) Emission level.

Power plant performance – • Availability = No. – •Total start up time (From Boiler firing to full load. of trippings / forced shutdown.) – •Capability to sustain load jump and dump. – . of units generated = Maxm possible generation •PUf= Plant utilization factor •PLf = Plant load factor = •No.

•Heat losses – Radiation losses. . •Condenser Vacuum. •Specific fuel consumption of Coal quantity /kwhr & Oil quantity /kwhr.Power plant performance – •Recovery of Heat from flue gases in economizer and Air-Preheater.

Evaluation of turbine Performance can be based on following aspects.Turbine performance.Hcrn)/G Where Qs = HP turbine flow. Efficiency – Conventionally expressed as heat rate = Turbine Heat rate – Turbine Heat rate = Qs(Hs-hw) + Qrn(Hrn. Hs = enthalpy at turbine inlet hw = Enthalpy of feed water after top heater Qrn = Reheater flow Hrn = enthalpy at IP inet Hcrn = Enthalpy of cold reheat steam G = No of unit generated in kwhr .

bearing Babbitt metal temp. • Turbine availability – (Rather Non-availability on account of turbine. • Start up time – Time taken to reach 3000 rpm.No.Level of eccentricity.) • Operational ease .Turbine performance.From surface area. . vibration. of trippings on a/c of turbine.) . • Heat loss ..e. • Noise level. differential expansion. thrust behavior.= Extra flow passing capability. & to reach full load. • Valve wide open margin (VWO) margin (i.

This mainly covers:• Smart management of ash disposal.Social Responsibility and Statutory Norms. . Noise level • Reduction of heat dissipation to atmosphere and water bodies. • Limiting fly ash. This aspect is becoming more and more significant day by day. • Ensuring ecological balance and afforestation of surrounding area. Nox.