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Coral Bay Nickel Corporation Rio Tuba, Bataraza, Palawan


General Information
Project Proponent Principal Office : Hydrometallurgical Processing Plant : Coral Bay Nickel Corporation : Rio Tuba Export Processing Zone Brgy. Rio Tuba, Bataraza 5306 Palawan, Philippines Tel.: (632) 750-2289 to 90 Fax : (632) 750-2291 : 24 Floor, Pacific Star Building Makati Avenue corner Gil Puyat Avenue 1200 Makati City, Phillippines Tel : (632) 750-1536 to 39 Fax : (632) 750-1530

Manila Office

Company Officials : Mr. Takanori Fujimura, President Mr. Arturo Manto, V-President for External Affairs Mr. Masahiro Kamiya, Tresurer

Project Location

The CBNC Plant is located within the industrial facility of Rio Tuba Nickel Mining Corporation (RTNMC) in Brgy. Rio Tuba, Bataraza, Palawan.
Barangay Rio Tuba -Population : 15,000 -Company Town: 5,000 -Others: 10,000


Statement of Company Safety Policy
It is the company’s policy of Coral Bay Nickel Corporation to conduct it’s operation with due regard to the health and safety of it’s workers, it’s contractors, and the community while taking into considerations the protection of the environment. Specifically to: Comply with applicable laws, regulations and standards that minimize any adverse environmental impacts resulting from its operations and products.

improve its process to protect the environment. Ensure that its employees and contractors are informed about this policy and aware of the respective environmental responsibilities in relation to CBNC’s business .Statement of Company Safety Policy Communicate openly with government and community on environmental issues Conduct research and establish programs to conserve resources. minimize waste.

. To promote the strict implementation of the Safety and Health Rules. To promote Safety and Health training.Objectives To promote a culture of safety and health by providing an effective monitoring system and investigation. To comply with the various government legislations regarding Safety and Health. thereby attaining its objective of total employee development.

Ltd. . Sojitz Corporation (SC).THE PROJECT PROPONENT In 2002. (SMM). and it’s Filipino Partner. Rio Tuba Nickel Corporation (RTNMC). (MBK). the HPP Project of Coral Bay Nickel Corporation (CBNC) was established with the combined efforts of it’s Japanese partners Sumitomo Metal Mining Corp. Mitsui & Co..

Ltd. Share 18% .Sumitomo Metal Mining Corp. Share 54% Mixed Sulfide Technology Information Mitsui & Co Share 18% Coral Bay Nickel Corporation Ore and Limestone Rio Tuba Nickel Mining Corporation Share 10% Sojitz Corp.

The process consist of solubilizing nickel and cobalt by high pressure leaching Using sulfuric acid. This followed by neutralization of excess acid using ground limestone.THE PROCESS The plant adopts the High Pressure Acid Leach (HPAL) process to produce nickel/cobalt Mixed Sulfide (MS) from low grade nickel lateritic ores at high recovery rate and at low cost. . Nickel and cobalt are recovered as sulfides by precipitation with hydrogen sulfides (H2S) gas.


ORE PREPARATION AREA Nickel Ore .2 ≈ 1.1.3 % NI .


Oversize Ore Requirement less than 1.4 mm .


Pressure Leach H2SO4 98% Purity Steam 240 C◦ KPAG .


Counter Current Decantation .


8 Ni /0.09 % Co Limestone Slurry H2S Gas .5~3.Impurity Neutralization 3.


Zinc Removal .


EFFLUENT GYPSUM Final Neutralization Tailings Pond Sulfurization PH 7 ~ 8 .


Mixed Sulfide 55~57 % NI 4.3% Cobalt 10% H2O .


8 Ni /0.2 ~1.5~3.3 % NI Ore Preparation Pressure Leach Oversize Ore H2SO4 98 % Purity Steam 240 C° 4800 KPAG Counter Current Decantation Limestone Slurry H2S Gas Leached Residue Impurity Neutralization 3.Nickel Ore 1.3% Cobalt 10% H2O Tailings Dam PH 7~8 Sea .09 % Co Gas Scrubber Zinc Removal Final Neutralization Effluent Gypsum Sulfurization Mixed Sulfide 55~57 % NI 4.

which was considered as mine wastes of the earlier RTNMC operations is utilized to produced Nickel/Cobalt Mixed Sulfide. analyzing 57% NI and 4% Co.THE PRODUCT The main product of CBNC is Mixed Sulfide (MS) of nickel and cobalt. This is subsequently refined in Japan and the nickel and cobalt metals are metals are then used in the production of stainless steel and other applications. . low grade ore. it is designed to produce 10.000 tons of nickel and 750 tons of cobalt per year. Through the process of HPP.


. too. have moral and legal obligations towards the company once you are in its premises.WHY? • Because the company has moral and legal obligations towards you. you. • Because.

Refrain from entering Restricted Areas. Shall wear Visitor’s ID at all times while in Company premises. If pictures are required. CBNC personnel will take pictures using company authorized cameras only. Individuals believed to be intoxicated and/or drugged will not be allowed entry into plant premises. . At all times. Taking of pictures is strictly prohibited.Rules on CBNC Plant Site Visitors Undertake safety and health orientation. shall wear personal protective equipment provided by CBNC. Prohibited drugs & Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited within plant premises.

Rules on CBNC Plant Site Visitors Everyone is required to participate during Emergency Drills. Listen and take note of the announcements through paging system. .

PROHIBITED ITEMS Deadly Weapons such as: Firearms Explosives Ammunition Sharp Objects .

. and unauthorized explosives are prohibited on Company Property.Firearms. other types of deadly weapons.

CONSEQUENCE FOR BREACH OF COMPANY POLICY Any person breaking company policy as stated in this Visitor Orientation program will be subjected to being asked to Leave the Plant Site .

wearing of safety goggles. Safety Glass. Respirator and Protective Clothing Areas.PPE’s Requirement for Different Areas All Visitors must wear the proper PPE’s provided while inside the Plant Site Complex All areas in the Plant Site Complex are designated as Hard Hat. and respirator are strictly required Restricted Areas should be properly observed . Safety Shoes. gas indicators. In some areas.

Designated safety equipments such as eye wash / shower stations. emergency evacuation areas should be properly noted . fire extinguishers.

Accident. and Injury Reporting All incidents (real or potential – safety.Incident . must be reported to your CBNC Representative. All injuries regardless how minor they are. All injured persons that require first aid or greater must report to the CBNC Representative / Safety personnel for immediate medical attention . damage or injury being caused (near miss incidents) must be reported to your CBNC Representative. security or environmental) regardless of harm.

the appropriate means of notification is through the paging system and the activation of the siren. Notification procedures vary depending on the magnitude of the situation. In case of a serious or facility-wide emergency situation. Reporting of any type of emergency shall be done using telephones which are strategically located within the plant site complex area. The sound will immediately warn people of the fire and signal the start of evacuation procedures. Telephone directories shall likewise be placed in strategic areas accessible to all employees. . An example is in case of Fire: The fire alarm system will be activated. Bigger events will call for more people involvement.Raising an Emergency Alarm The Coral Bay Nickel Corporation High Pressure Acid Leach Project maintains a state-of-the-art system to alert the employees and other people concerned in an emergency situation.

CBNC EMERGENCY FLOW CHART Accident DCS Operator Production Manager Paging System Safety Head Plant Manager Emergency Response Team DCS Alarm Maintenance Manager Utility Manager GAD Manager PLD Manager EMO Head PSSI Guards Public Relation Team Contractors Hospital .

Emergency Evacuation Areas You are here Evacuation Area A Evacuation Area C Evacuation Area B .

although interaction with the local community maybe unavoidable.Interaction with Local Community For CBNC Visitors . treat the IP’s with the respect they deserve – they were here first. . the following rules must be obeyed: As the traditional owners of these lands.

. Not to damage their property. Not to enter areas of ancestral domains unless authorized by IP representatives. Always act in a manner that meets the policies and Standards of CBNC. harm the environment.The customs and beliefs of the Indigenous Peoples (IP’s) of the region must be respected. Respect the religious beliefs of the local population. hunt or fish unless authorization is given by IP representatives.

SAFETY ACHIEVEMENTS 4 Million Man hours Without Lost Time Accident –March 2009 to November 2009  2008 PMSEA Platinum Achievement Award  2008 PMSEA Safest Mineral Processing Award (Extraction Plant Category)  2009 PMSEA Platinum Achievement Award  2009 PMSEA Safest Mineral Processing Award (Extraction Plant Category)  2009 PMSEA Most Improved Safety Record Award  .